libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2019-03-13

rafalcpparachnopavel: +116:45
golinuxrafalcpp: Wanting is easy.  Making it happen not so much . . .18:30
KatolaZrafalcpp: there is a plan in place for that18:32
KatolaZwe should be able to get a point release out "soonish", whatever it means18:32
golinuxPad for today's meet is here:
obeardlyTotally forgot about the time change.  Just hopped into the Jitsi meet. :-/20:32
obeardlyNow the meeting is at 16:30 EDT. I cannot make that.20:32
evilham> dpkg -l | grep libsystemd | wc-l20:34
evilham:-D nice20:34
KatolaZI will probably be late at the meeting21:21
golinuxobeardly: Sorry to hear that.21:28
golinuxThank our fabulous lawmakers . . . not!21:28
rrqmaybe we should join flat earth society and have all the same clocks...21:29
rrqsame clock.21:29
rrq(just I and me oday?)21:31

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