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rrqanyone using $HOME/.local/bin ? it's been added to /etc/skel/.profile03:09
fsmithredI just use $HOME/bin. I don't add any files to .local03:21
fsmithredI always figured that was for the desktop to use03:21
rrqI saw it's added to $PATH in beowulf (bash 5.0-2)03:35
rrqthen google tells "03:35
rrqThe ~/.local directories is part of the systemd file-hierarchy spec and is an extension of the xdg user-dirs spec"03:35
rrqprobably fine, but a new spot for binaries (for me)03:37
rrqand something is tingling about "hidden user binaries"03:38
fsmithredit's not in $PATH in my beowulf upgraded from ascii03:50
fsmithredsame bash version03:51
onefangI'm also a $HOME/bin user, no $HOME/.local/bin here.03:51
onefangI'm not a big fan of XDG specs, having had to implement part of them.03:53
fsmithredI don't really know anything about xdg specs, but I do know that I hate having my home dir spammed with pre-made subdirs chosen by someone else03:57
fsmithredshould derivative distros include reportbug in the default install?04:11
fsmithreddinner. bbl.04:14
fsmithreddist-upgrade now runs grub-install??? (just happened in ceres)17:31
fsmithredI just did a dist-upgrade in my ceres. Then I rebooted and ceres is now in charge of boot. (got 4 or 5 installations on this)17:35
fsmithredit must have run grub-install because it created a new efi bootloader and made itself (ceres) first.17:37
KatolaZfsmithred: look into apt log18:09
KatolaZto see which package got upgraded18:10
fsmithredpackage? It was around 400mb of downloads.18:13
fsmithredgrub-efi packages got upgraded18:20
fsmithredbut still, it shouldn't run grub-install without asking18:20
KatolaZyeah it shouldn't18:21
KatolaZare you sure about that?18:21
KatolaZI mean, if I reainstall grub, I am pretty sure it will re-run grub18:22
KatolaZI mean, grub-install18:22
KatolaZI might remember wrong though18:22
fsmithredI know if you install grub-pc you get debconf dialog asking where to put bootloader18:24
fsmithredso maybe grub-efi runs grub-install anyway, because it doesn't need to ask where to put it18:25
fsmithredbut that still leaves out the option of "no thanks"18:25
KatolaZjust try re-installing it18:26
fsmithredtrying it on beowulf first18:28
fsmithredno I'm not. It'll take too long. Rebooting to ceres now...18:29
fsmithredfuck. 'reboot: command not found'18:30
KatolaZit's in /sbin18:30
fsmithredit's /sb18:30
KatolaZor it should18:31
fsmithredinstalling grub-efi-amd64 installs the bootloader without asking18:32
KatolaZin ceres or beowulf?18:32
KatolaZwell, I guess it's the same18:32
fsmithredceres, but yeah, probably the same18:33
KatolaZactually not18:33
KatolaZ2.02+dfsg1-11 vs 2.02+dfsg1-1218:33
fsmithredprobably the same behavior18:34
fsmithredwill check in a minute or two18:34
fsmithreddfsg1-11 does the same, but I'm getting an error message18:37
fsmithred1. complaint that it can't move a locale file that's really a directory18:38
fsmithred2. "bootloader is not properly installed, system may not be bootable."18:38
fsmithredit did not create a new bootloader18:40
fsmithrednot sure what the problem is. It says "no dkms package installed" but dkms is installed.18:41
fsmithredoh, "no dkms packages installed: not changing secure boot validation state."18:41
fsmithredshim and shim-signed are installed. Not sure when they sneaked in.18:43
fsmithredthought I had those blocked18:45
fsmithredok, it came in with the initial install from mini.iso18:47
fsmithredjust did a dist-upgrade on the beowulf. Since grub-efi-amd64 (and -bin) were already upgraded, it's not running grub-install this time.19:07
fsmithredIt did run update-grub and update-initramfs, which is expected with the kernel upgrade.19:08
telmichis anyone of you living in amsterdam? I was wondering if it is feasible to take a 0705 flight out of amsterdam on Monday after the conference?19:09
fsmithredgrub-install locale error goes away after I replace libpolkit-*-consolekit with libpolkit-*-elogind19:25
fsmithredand I now have a lot more .mo files in /boot/grub/locale19:26
KatolaZtelmich: the airport is not too far away from the city centre20:20
KatolaZIIRC there is a 40-min train20:20
KatolaZbut maybe jaromil or parazyd know better20:20
KatolaZ(well, surely they do(20:20
telmichI just upgrade to beowulf and while almost everything went smooth, grub does not find its configuration file anymore; my setup is gpt1 = efi, gpt4 = /boot, grub configuration in /boot/grub/grub.cfg - did this somewhat recently changed / has it moved to the efi partition?20:35
telmichargh... and mu is update - reindexing about a million emails now20:36
evilhamFun :-D20:36
evilhamI haven't had any issues with grub and Beowulf20:37
telmichwhere do you have your grub.cfg placed?20:47
fsmithredtelmich, are you using lvm or encryption?21:23
fsmithredoh yeah, remove grub-efi-amd64-signed (unless you're using secure boot)21:24
fsmithredor change the name of your bootloader to "debian"21:24
telmichfsmithred: yes, encryption21:33
telmichfsmithred: with gpt1 = efi, gpt2 = enc(swap), gpt3 = enc(root), gpt4=/boot (w/ grub/grub.cfg)21:34
fsmithredtelmich, I think I can tell you how to fix it.21:38
fsmithredbeen through this a couple times.21:39
* fsmithred is looking for notes21:39
fsmithredDid you get any messages that look like this?  WARNING: Device /dev/sda not initialized in udev database even after waiting 10000000 microseconds.21:40
telmichfsmithred: you mean at boot time?21:41
telmichjust checking syslog21:42
fsmithredno, on running grub-install21:42
telmichah, no, no errors21:42
fsmithredhave you got live-usb to boot with, or some way to chroot the installed system?21:42
telmichAh, I am using it atm - I used configfile (hd0,gpt4)/grub/grub.cfg to get back to my config file21:43
fsmithredinstaller media,21:43
fsmithredyou can boot like that?21:43
telmichthe paths are still correct, it loads the kernel from /vmlinuz...21:43
telmichthe only problem is that grub does not look on gpt421:44
fsmithredis grub-efi-amd64-signed installed?21:44
fsmithredare you using secure boot?21:44
fsmithredok, remove that package21:44
fsmithredthat might be enough to fix it21:45
telmichgrub-install afterwards needed?21:45
fsmithredyeah, unless it does it auto21:46
fsmithredmaybe update-initramfs -u21:46
fsmithredand probably update-grub, too21:46
telmichok..waiting for rabbitmq to terminate at the moment21:47
telmichstopping crypto disks (for /) also takes rather long - I guess it's some processes hanging21:47
telmichwow, you are good. removing that package fixed it [tm]21:48
fsmithrednot particularly good; just unlucky enough to have been there21:48
fsmithredI do a lot of installs just to see if it'll work21:49
telmichbtw, it seems that nobody is active any more in the arm64 - is that possible or a false impression?21:50
fsmithredI don't know21:50
fsmithredno arms here21:50
fsmithredexcept the other kinds21:50
telmichWe bought an arm64 dev system about a year ago for devuan and it looked rather unused, as nobody complained when I had to power it off some weeks ago :-)21:51
fsmithredI assume parazyd would be the one most likely to play with that.21:52
telmichI think I also noticed when trying to upgrade the other arm64 box and a couple of packages where not found21:55
telmichit's low prio, just wondering - seems more a general theme that arm64 does not (yet?) get enough love21:55
fsmithredAre rpi all 32?21:57
golinuxtelmich: parazyd is still the arm dev.  You can find him on #devuan-arm (I think you'll have to subscribe) or query him.21:57
telmichfsmithred: not sure anymore - but there was pine* that afair is 64 bit21:59
telmichgolinux: thanks for the pointer! As always it's great to have you as a traffic sign pointing in the right direction!22:00
golinuxHey, I've got to be good for something.  LOL!22:01
telmichTo say it in one word: ALOT!22:01
golinuxAwww . . . thanks (golinux blushes)22:02 is down.23:54
golinuxevilham: ^^^23:54

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