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golinuxfsmithred: desktop-live i386 booted in qemu!!  Great work!  Well done!!!!00:36
golinuxjaromil: I want at least 5 of those puppies, maybe more.00:37
golinuxThis is of course, the dev1usb image.00:38
golinuxThe cursor is black though.  Should be DMZ (White)00:40
fsmithredgolinux, the cursor theme is DMZ White. I don't know why the cursor is black. (We've discussed this before.)02:09
fsmithredKatolaZ, minimal-live now boots on the usb. I need to talk with you to find out what's supposed to happen with the access option.02:19
KatolaZfsmithred: access option has a beep during boot, a chime at the end of the boot, and autologins root on tty1 and devuan on the other 5 ttys07:00
fsmithredKatolaZ, ack. I think it's working. Will have to listen for the difference between beep and chime. It did make sounds when the boot menu came up and when I highlighted the menu entry with the BEL.14:47
KatolaZthen it should "beep" every second during boot14:49
KatolaZand play an C-E-G-E-C chime when the boot is complete, IIRC14:50
fsmithredoh, I just realized that the mini.iso I included is for beowulf.14:55
fsmithredhm... should I leave that in?14:55
KatolaZLeePen: you here by any chance?18:08
LeePenhiya! I was going to leave you in peace for a day!18:30
KatolaZno way man :)18:30
KatolaZthere is a version in unstable18:30
KatolaZis that the last one?18:30
LeePenIt is the most recent I have done for Devuan18:31
LeePenThere are a few upstream fixes in the pipeline18:32
LeePenthat I am waiting for before doing a new version18:32
KatolaZI saw it failed to build for i38618:32
KatolaZdue to 2 failing tests18:32
KatolaZI will re-run the job18:32
KatolaZand then if it goes well I will move it to beowulf18:33
LeePenFine by me.18:33
LeePenIt wasn't clear why the tests failed -- we both built it OK in an i386 chroot18:33
LeePenYou suggested updating the chroot on Jenkins, IIFC?18:34
KatolaZremember that18:34
KatolaZdid that as well18:34
KatolaZbut was not enough, for some reason18:34
KatolaZlet's see18:34
KatolaZif it fails again, I will disable the test for i38618:34
LeePenOK, let's see what happens.18:35
LeePenOne of the pending fixes I have may help.18:35
KatolaZit failed18:42
KatolaZon test-login and test-fd-util18:42
LeePenYes, I see. I suspect I have a fix for the test-login failure18:44
LeePenbut I can't reproduce the other at all.18:45
KatolaZneither I can18:45
KatolaZthe strange thing is that the tests succeeded on all the other archs18:46
KatolaZthey are failing only on i38618:46
LeePenYes, and in i386 chroot here!18:46
LeePenI could package what I have and see if by any chance they are related?18:46
KatolaZand in a i386 chroot here as well18:46
LeePenOr wait a few days for upstream and package 239.4 when it is released?18:50
KatolaZwell, that will come anyway, right?18:51
KatolaZwill the new version fix the test failures?18:51
LeePenI was trying to reduce the number of times I ask you to build things ;)18:52
KatolaZno worries LeePen18:52
KatolaZthat's my only contribution :)18:52
LeePenLikely the test-login, not sure about the other. Perhaps if they are related.18:52
LeePenI know that isn't true!18:53
LeePenI have the test-login fix ready, so I will package it and we can see?18:53
KatolaZplease do18:57
KatolaZ(I should have left you in peace for one day, sorry... :\)18:58
LeePenno worries, I was feeling lonely ;)19:00
fsmithredis mini.iso the same thing as the business card iso?19:04
KatolaZnot sure fsmithred19:06
fsmithredok, just tweaking file names so there's no confusion between minimal-live and mini.iso19:07
fsmithredand I'm soliciting opinions on whether I should include the beowulf mini.iso.19:07
fsmithredI think it will go over well with the crowd who will be getting this live-usb19:08
KatolaZfsmithred: couldn't get the file yesterday19:11
fsmithredwhich file?19:11
fsmithredthe image?19:11
fsmithredif so, np because it's already obsolete19:11
KatolaZyep, I meant the image19:14
fsmithredI'll have a better one soon, I think19:14
fsmithreddecided I should rebuild the desktop-live since I rebuilt the minimal-live19:14
fsmithredand now they all have the upgraded apt19:15
fsmithredcalling it 2.0.119:15
KatolaZso this image will be a multi-boot, right?19:15
fsmithredoh, I got beep when menu appeared, beep when I highlight the access option19:15
fsmithredbut no sounds after that19:15
fsmithredwhat tells the sounds to happen? Is it isolinux?19:16
KatolaZit's just a CTRL+G19:16
fsmithredok, that explains it - I'm using grub19:16
KatolaZhave you enabled the soundcard emulation in kvm?19:16
fsmithredI saw BEL in the menu and I copied it19:16
fsmithredI don't think so19:17
fsmithredhow do I do that?19:17
fsmithredand why? I'm booting on hardware.19:17
KatolaZhold on19:17
KatolaZoh then forget that :)19:17
fsmithredwhat's different about runlevel 4?19:18
KatolaZone runlevel has autologin19:19
fsmithredah, ok19:20
KatolaZyeah runlevel 4 has autologin19:20
KatolaZit's also commented in inittab19:20
fsmithredroot gets logged in.19:20
fsmithredinstead of user.19:20
KatolaZon tty1 yes19:21
KatolaZon the other ttys is devuan19:21
KatolaZthat's done on purpose19:21
KatolaZblind users normally need a root console straight away19:21
KatolaZto make some configs/tweaks for their synthetisers19:21
fsmithredyup. makes sense to me.19:21
golinuxfsmithred: Emphasize the minimal iso for visual disability and the mini.iso as a minimal desktop?19:22
KatolaZno golinux19:23
KatolaZmini.iso is an installer19:23
fsmithredmini.iso is a netinstall iso19:23
fsmithredthat almost fits on a floppy disk19:23
golinuxI know.19:23
fsmithred(ok, on 40 floppy disks)19:23
golinuxbut forgotten.19:24
KatolaZfsmithred: I guess having just netinst could be fine?19:24
KatolaZI mean, this image will be very large....19:24
golinuxEventually the changes that were being tested in the mini.iso will get into the netinall right?19:25
fsmithredregular netinstall won't work19:26
golinuxSo does it make sense to have a iso used for testing?19:26
KatolaZfsmithred: why?19:26
fsmithredcan't find cdrom19:26
fsmithredalt-f2, mount /dev/disk/by-label/my-label /mnt19:26
fsmithredrmdir /cdrom19:26
KatolaZln -s /mnt /cdrom19:27
fsmithredln -s /mnt /cdrom19:27
* golinux goes for food.19:27
fsmithredthen you're good to go19:27
fsmithredmini.iso just works19:27
KatolaZthe problem is that the devices to check are probably hardcoded19:27
KatolaZfsmithred: mini.iso works because it does not use the cdrom at all19:28
fsmithredwhat can't it do that the netinstall iso can do?19:28
KatolaZnetinstall has the base packages in the cdrom19:29
KatolaZmini.iso has nothing19:29
KatolaZonly additional d-i components, if I am not wrong19:29
fsmithredit can still end up with kernel/modules mis-match later on, or not?19:30
KatolaZfsmithred: netinst is just mini.iso plus a little more19:31
KatolaZfsmithred: I know why minimal-live does not beep on boot19:46
KatolaZI simply forgot rc4.d and rc2.d in the overlay :)19:46
KatolaZthe boot_beep script is in /etc/init.d19:47
KatolaZbut there is nothing to start it19:47
fsmithreda simple edit?19:47
KatolaZI need to put the dirs and the symlinks there19:49
KatolaZlet's see if it works19:49
KatolaZactually, rcS.d is enough19:50
KatolaZsince it starts in early boot19:50
KatolaZfsmithred: it should work now19:54
fsmithredok, will try later. Rebuilding the desktop-live right now.19:56
KatolaZsorry, I haven't noticed the glitch19:56
fsmithredyours go pretty quick. They're smaller.19:57
LeePenKatolaZ: I have elogind_239.3+20190131-1 built and running in my VM. Will test it this evening and ask amesser to review tomorrow.20:39
KatolaZwell, just commit20:40
KatolaZbut please, use 239.420:40
KatolaZor 293.3-420:40
KatolaZis it still a 293?20:41
LeePenYes 239.3 plus today's snapshot20:41
KatolaZso they haven't tagged another version20:42
LeePenNo, that was what I was waiting for.20:43
KatolaZso the source will be different20:43
KatolaZit cannot be a 239.320:43
LeePenOr 239.4 because that will come.20:44
LeePenAnd we have had our fill of playing with orig.tar.gz ;)20:45
KatolaZLeePen: let's have the 239.3+20190131-1 then20:52
KatolaZyou need that tag in the upstream repo as well20:52
LeePenYes. done that already.20:52
KatolaZlet me know when you have pushed20:53
KatolaZand we fire a build20:53
LeePenKatolaZ: I have pushed to devuan-packages/elogind21:51
KatolaZLeePen: suites/unstable, right?21:53
KatolaZlet's build then21:53
LeePenLooks just the same :(22:00
KatolaZit's exactly the same22:01
LeePenSorry, I thought at least the test-login would be fixed.22:02
LeePenIs there any way of getting the meson test log?22:02
KatolaZno need to be sorry LeePen22:02
KatolaZwill try to get it, but I guess it gets removed by dh during the clean, right?22:04
LeePenYes, or goes with the COW directory.22:06
KatolaZit gets wiped twice :D22:07
KatolaZjust to be sure22:07
LeePenNo way back from that!22:07
KatolaZit's like shred :D22:07
LeePen/tmp/buildd/elogind-239.3+20190131/build/meson-logs/testlog.txt might be interesting or helpful22:07
LeePenKatolaZ: I'm AFK for 30 mins22:19
LeePenKatolaZ: I am just diffing the amd64 and i386 build logs.23:01
LeePeni386 has an older version of jenkins-debian-glue (0.17.0+devuan1 vs
LeePenMight that be significant?23:02
LeePeni386 also LD_PRELOADs and enabled CCACHE.23:05

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