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Ryushinfsmithred: Grub issue with Ceres.  2.02~beta3-5 boots fine.  While 2.02+dfsg1-10 boots to a grub prompt.  I've worked on it some but never found a solution.  I've been using refind for a bit.20:14
RyushinI was almost wondering if it was related to ZFS.20:14
Ryushinmy /boot/efi/EFI/ shows devuan there.20:17
RyushinDoes yours show debian?20:17
fsmithredRyushin, yes.20:32
fsmithredI fixed it by booting from grub command line...20:33
fsmithredand running 'grub-install --bootloader-id=debian'20:33
Ryushinfsmithred: Hmmm.... Then my problem might be different.20:33
fsmithredif it says devuan (mine did) it won't boot20:33
fsmithredjust grub command prompt20:33
fsmithredif you do --bootloader-id=something-else20:34
RyushinYou mean if the $prefix shows devuan.20:34
RyushinI'll have to find out what my $prefix says.20:34
fsmithreddid you see my post to devuan-dev?20:34
fsmithredfew minutes ago20:34
RyushinThat is why I'm here.20:34
fsmithredok, good20:34
RyushinI thought, yay, someone else has my problem.20:35
RyushinBut maybe that is not the case.20:35
RyushinI'll see if I can find out what the prefix is without rebooting.20:35
fsmithredoh, I never finished what I was saying20:36
fsmithred--bootloader-id works to name the bootloader dir, but the grub.cfg wants to find debian20:36
Ryushinfsmithred: Does your grub.cfg specify the prefix as debian?20:38
RyushinBecause the funny thing is, the grub files generated by both versions are identical.20:39
RyushinSo you have /boot/efi/EFI/debian and not /boot/efi/EFI/devuan?  Because I have /boot/efi/EFI/devuan20:40
fsmithredthe installer gave me /boot/efi/EFI/devuan20:41
fsmithredI have to check that file to see what it says20:43
fsmithredone minute20:43
fsmithredset prefix=($root)'/boot/grub'20:44
fsmithredconfigfile $prefix/grub.cfg20:44
RyushinYea, mine looks similar.  I just have the extra first entry: search.fs_uuid 25b75dc6-75db-4370-a168-ec7c744a606c root20:48
RyushinSo I guess the only way to really figure out if I'm having the same issue is to reboot.20:48
fsmithredyeah, I have the uuid line, too20:50
fsmithredyou did bootloader-id=debian?20:50
fsmithredneed to figure out where $root gets defined20:51
Ryushinfsmithred: Not yet.  Waiting for updates to complete, then I'll reboot, run the echo $prefix and see what it says.  If it says debian, then I'll do what you did to fix it.20:53
Ryushinfsmithred: I'd actually like to find out before reboot as well.20:55
fsmithredI don't think you can get to the grub prompt without rebooting20:58
fsmithredand that variable is probably gone now, anyway20:58
RyushinI'm looking at the package source now.  What version of grub do you have that is having this problem?21:00
RyushinSo same version that I'm having issues with.  Well, at least finally someone is having the same problem I am.  LOL21:03
RyushinI posted on the mailing list a couple of months ago about this issue and no else had the problem.21:04
fsmithredI thought I remembered someone posting about that21:05
RyushinI'm "special"  LOL21:08
fsmithredI'm just now getting around to installing and testing beowulf21:09
Ryushinfsmithred: Did you upgrade to beowulf to get that error?21:28
fsmithredRyushin, no, I did a netinstall with the mini.iso21:29
RyushinI had set up a uefi VM to test this issue a couple of months ago.  Going into the uefi, it shows "debian" as the menu entry and debian in the uefi path.21:29
fsmithredso it worked then?21:30
RyushinAbout to do an apt upgrade on it now and there are new grub packages.21:30
Ryushinyea, that VM boots fine.21:30
fsmithredmy grub was installed yesterday morning21:30
fsmithredI'll update and see if they have newer21:30
RyushinHence I was confused why it was working and my laptop was not.  Now that you have figure out the problem, we know the issue.21:31
RyushinI had not updated this VM for a couple of months.21:31
fsmithredno new version21:39
Ryushinfsmithred: So the VM has debian as the uefi menu entry and the same path.  I'm going to change my install to use grub-install --bootloader-id=devuan21:41
RyushinI'm going to reboot21:41
fsmithredchange to =debian21:43
fsmithred(unless you're trying to break the VM)21:44
RyushinOkay, I'll do that first.  Well, my VM is different from my laptop.  It has  /boot/efi/EFI/debian and that is why it probably boots.  My laptop has /boot/efi/EFI/devuan21:45
RyushinI installed refind on the vm so I could boot it if broke.  Thank goodness for an alternative to boot uefi.21:45
RyushinBe back in a bit.21:47
Ryushinfsmithred: So now I have a working grub.  Thank you.  Cannot tell you how many hours I've spent on that.22:10
RyushinSo the echo prefix was /debian22:10
RyushinI had the devuan efi directory.  I had to end up run the --bootloader-id=debian entry and I had to rename the devuan efi directory to debian.  So now it boots again.22:12
RyushinAnd it's strange, my vm show the prefix as (hd0,gpt2)/boot/grub22:15
Ryushinfsmithred: So did you have a devuan uefi menu entry and a debian efi folder?22:18
fsmithredI wasn't getting a boot menu22:20
fsmithredinstaller gave me a devuan efi folder22:20
Ryushinso that explains it.  Interesting that my VM created a debian folder on a fresh ceres install22:21
fsmithredI manually created a beowulf efi folder (with --bootloader-id) but that didn't work22:21
fsmithredthat was with the earlier version of grub?22:21
fsmithredon your vm I mean22:22
RyushinI think it was a version of the branch 2.02+dfsg1.22:23
RyushinThere was an update about three weeks ago which I hoped would fix it, but it did not.22:23
RyushinBut it is strange, that it created a debian folder instead of devuan.22:23
fsmithredeither something in grub changed or something changed in one of the files that grub looks at to figure out where it is22:24
RyushinSo yea, that prefix debian entry is hard coded somewhere.  But why my VM shows (hd0,gpt2)/boot/grub and my laptop and your test machine showed (hd0,gpt1)/EFI/debian is odd.22:25
fsmithredwhere is your efi partition?22:25
RyushinLet me do another grub install on my vm.22:25
RyushinNope, still shows (hd0,gpt2)/boot/grub.  efi partition is on it's own partition /boot/efi/22:30
fsmithredyeah, but which partition?22:31
fsmithredsda1 or sda2?22:32
Ryushinvda1=/boot, vda2=/22:32
RyushinAlso strange is that I have both efi devuan and debian folders there.22:33
RyushinAnd the /boot/efi/EFI/devuan|debian grub.cfg has the set prefix=($root)'/boot/grub' entry.22:34
RyushinEither way, you have found the problem.  Fixing it on the other hand....22:35
fsmithredyeah, the problem is where $root gets set.22:37
fsmithredeven if it can't figure out that it's devuan, it should use whatever bootloader-id is22:38
Ryushinfsmithred: But that did not work for me.  I did the bootloader-id=devuan and it did not boot.  Only once I renamed my devuan folder to debian and change bootloader-id=debian did it work again.22:39
fsmithredright, that's what I'm saying.22:40
fsmithredgrub-install should obey that option22:40
RyushinSo something change right after 2.02_beta3-5.  I'm looking at change log.22:40
fsmithredand it should work, but it doesn't22:40
RyushinI understand what you mean now.  It should honor the option but it's not.22:45
fsmithredwhich makes it a valid bug against debian that has nothing to do with devuan22:47
fsmithred(unless grub now requires systemd to work properly)22:47
Ryushinfsmithred: Glancing at the change log, it looks like there could have been a number of change listed that could have caused this.22:52
fsmithredgot a link to the page you're on?22:53
RyushinLooking at the data on my old grub packages that did work was september 28th.  But it could have happened anytime a couple of months before that.  I don't reboot my laptop very often.22:54
RyushinI did apt source grub-efi-amd64-bin and I'm looking at the debian folders changelog22:55
RyushinRun that command inside a empty directory.22:55
fsmithredyeah, ok22:56
RyushinI think it will take someone a lot more familiar with grub then I to find out what has happened.22:57
fsmithredyeah, that's ok22:57
RyushinHow long did it take you to figure out the problem?22:57
RyushinI don't want to tell you how much time I spent on it as I will probably be embarrassed.  I was thinking it was going to be something unique to zfs that was causing grub to freak out.22:58
fsmithredI installed it yesterday and didn't spend a lot of time on it22:58
fsmithredthen worked on it this morning22:59
fsmithredmaybe couple hours, but keep in mind that I wrote and maintain a live-CD installer that does UEFI22:59
fsmithredso I've done this a few times22:59
RyushinAnd the funny thing was, going through the grub recovery steps worked fine.  Just never tried the echo $prefix.  And the grub.cfg files generated between the versions were identical.  So I was buggered and just using refind for the tiem being.23:00
RyushinYea, working with the live-cd installer probably gave you some very good insights.  I just wanted my system to boot.  LOL23:00
fsmithredwell, I decided to look in the EFI folders, and I saw grub.cfg and new .img files, and I looked in grub.cfg23:01
fsmithredthere's a bit of code in refractasnapshot that is similar23:01
RyushinWell, I appreciate you finding the issues.23:07
fsmithredthanks for joining in the fun23:08

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