libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2018-12-06

golinuxpkexec will not launch thunar even though the policy stuff is in /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/ by default.03:13
golinuxfsr said it works when the user is in the sudo group.  Well, what about those of us who use su?03:14
golinuxIs there a workaround for this?  Could gksu be resurrected for beowulf?03:16
golinuxI'm going to followup in this thread also:
golinuxWell, I installed gksu from ascii and it works . . . no conflicts or complaints07:20
golinuxThat should allow me to do the theming without having to deal with this hairball.07:21
foresterHi. It is sadly that the situation with network-manager in the "Devuan-1-liveCD" is STILL THE SAME in the "Devuan-2-liveCD". This situation was discussed a little ago before Devuan2 release.10:58
foresterWhere could I find network-manager's packages of ascii for downloading? Please.11:00
KatolaZforester: in the repo11:01
KatolaZin the ascii repo11:01
foresterI knew. Where could I find ascii repo?11:01
foresterI am going to try 1) find a link of repo, 2) download packages 3) reboot with ascii's liveCD 4) try to install them 5) and test? If all will be well, then I could install an ascii on my PC.11:06
foresterI need something like "". Could you help me?11:09
LeePenforester: deb ascii main11:13
foresterThank you. But it is not what I am looking for.11:15
foresterIs anywhere the place when I could download a package (not all archive)???11:16
foresterwhen* --> where ...11:17
LeePenforester: Do you mean
foresterSomething like this (for ascii) -->
foresterLeePen: Your link looks the same. Thank you. But how could I know are these packages for ascii?11:20
LeePenIf you check you can see which version is in which release11:22
LeePen[ascii] network-manager-1.6.2-3+devuan1.111:22
foresterYes. Thank you. I did the same.
foresterWell. Thank you. Now I could try.11:25
onefangI'm just heading to bed, but I just saw this -
onefang"Add support for non-systemd boxes using elogind"18:42
* onefang heads to be.18:43
onefangEr heads to bed.18:44
golinuxonefang: Good find!18:45

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