libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2018-11-28

LeePenfsmithred: I think we might be able to make some of those xfce4 dependencies into recommends. Can I suggest we wait a few days until the elogind/policykit packaging is a bit more stable and then look at it?06:23
golinuxPad for this week's meet.
golinuxJust tried to install dillo and getting this error:09:34
golinuxW: Failed to fetch
golinux  404  Not Found [IP: 80]09:34
golinuxRan the IP locator and it said:09:35
golinuxError: Invalid input address: 8009:35
golinuxOn jessie using  Guess I could try pkgmaster . . .09:36
golinuxThat worked.  You might want to check which mirror has the bad IP.09:49
KatolaZgolinux: how is that possible?14:23
KatolaZthe mirror looks all right14:26
KatolaZgolinux: please change -> in ""14:30
LeePenCenturion_Dan: I have just created a libelogind/libsystemd compatibility package which (I think) makes testing your symlink idea easier.14:37
LeePenIt works for me at the moment and you can remove libsystemd014:38
gnu_srs2Is that really true, nice :-)14:52
LeePengnu_srs2: I don't guarantee anything isn't broken, but we can try to find out what it does break.14:53
KatolaZLeePen: the policykit package in unstable is pretty old15:05
KatolaZthere is 105-18 in ascii15:06
KatolaZ105-21 in buster15:06
KatolaZand 105-22 in sid15:06
LeePenKatolaZ: yes, I think Centurion_Dan compiled 105-18 for experimental last week.15:07
LeePenI have it installed in ceres and it is fine for me15:08
KatolaZLeePen: I don't think so15:08
KatolaZthat versio is older than the version in ascii....15:08
LeePenKatolaZ: I think I have [experimental] policykit-1-0.105-18+devuan2.315:10
KatolaZLeePen: ascii has 0.105-18+devuan2.1115:11
LeePenKatolaZ: but, yes unstable is older than ascii15:11
golinuxKatolaZ: Wilol put it on my list of to-dos.18:47
Centurion_DanKatolaZ: the version of policykit-1 I built was based on unstable which was older the the version in ascii and was missing all the patches for providing both elogind and consolekit backends19:49
Centurion_DanI have to basically throw away my work and start over on the correct base.19:50
golinuxKatolaZ: Done.19:56

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