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Centurion_Dangnu_srs2: It seems pointless because poettering would never let that into fedora...00:03
LeePenI did some work on policykit-1 in Debian earlier in the week to go with the new elogind.00:04
LeePenIt does need compiling separately to work with elogind.00:04
LeePenThere are no backends in the lates version (115)00:04
LeePenI have a working debian packaging that build separate -systemd and -elogind packages00:04
gnu_srs2I have not spent time on this recently.00:05
LeePenOnce elogind is accepted I can push it to their policykit-1 maintainers00:05
gnu_srs2Please have a lock at what we did for ASCII:00:06
LeePengnu_srs2: Thanks, yes I did. It was a great help.00:08
Centurion_DanLeePen, gnu_srs2: is there a possiblity to converge the packaging of policykit-1 to be able to build both debian and devuan from the same source?00:11
Centurion_Danperhaps using buildflags to set 'non-systemd' to differentiate them..00:11
LeePenNot if you still want console kit -- that has been removed from Debian00:12
gnu_srs2FYI: I spent several hours to make policykit-1 working in ASCII, together with elogind, consolekit, I hope those efforts are not wasted?00:14
LeePenNot at all. Thanks00:15
Centurion_Dangnu_srs2: Not if I have anything to do with it ;-)00:17
Centurion_Danjust heard that consolekit2 also now provides logind api integration as well.00:17
gnu_srs2Centurion_Dan: Good to know, is that is so. I have to admit I've not fully updated yet, being (more or less) for 5 weeks :D00:22
Centurion_Dangnu_srs2: I guess the only question is, does consolekit2 deserve it's own package?00:26
Centurion_DanOr do I start clean.00:26
Centurion_Dan... stupid question...
Centurion_Danalready exists00:28
gnu_srs2Centurion_Dan: Nice seeing you are building consolekiit2.00:57
gnu_srs2How do we make this play with policykit-1/elogind00:58
Centurion_Danwe continue to build policykit-1 consolekit integration01:37
Centurion_Danas we currently do for ascii.01:37
Centurion_Dananyone here familiar with lintian overrides??02:35
KatolaZLeePen: just let me know when you are ready to build the new elogind for experimental15:24
LeePenKatloaZ: Hi. Yes we are just about there. I am just wanting amesser to check my tree before I push it. I would hate to make a mess of devuan-packages.15:56
KatolaZLeePen: no rush16:31
KatolaZjust to let you know that I am available to help if needed16:32
LeePenKatolaZ: I would be very happy for you to review it.
LeePenThinking about it, the one thing I might not have right is setting upstream-tag16:56
LeePenHow do you do that when the build is not based tagged point?16:57
LeePenI am still thinking like Debian dsc/tarball build.16:58
KatolaZyou need a tag in a branch17:03
KatolaZto correspond with the upstream source17:03
KatolaZhave you built it with gbp buildpackage?17:04
LeePenNo, because there is no meson support in jessie, so17:04
LeePenI have to use a cowbuilder chroot with the source tree bind mounted17:05
KatolaZgbp uses pbuilder (and cowbuilder)17:05
KatolaZ(we should put this documentation out, I know)17:05
KatolaZgbp buildpackage --git-pbuilder --git-dist=unstable --git-arch=amd64 --git-ignore-branch --git-pbuilder-options="--configfile /etc/jenkins/pbuilderrc"17:06
KatolaZthis requires you to have a cow for unstable17:06
KatolaZand jenkins-debian-glue installed17:06
KatolaZ(but the last one is not mandatory)17:06
LeePenYes, but gbp uses dpkg-source to export the tree, and dpkg in jessie doesn't have the meson backend support that17:07
LeePencurrent elogind uses.17:07
KatolaZare you on a jessie install?17:07
KatolaZoh ok17:08
KatolaZI can have a go at it later then17:08
KatolaZbut just in terms of buulding it17:08
KatolaZI don't have any elogind or consolekit installed17:08
KatolaZand I wouldn't know how to test it17:09
KatolaZ(well, this is half-true ;P)17:09
LeePenYou are too modest!17:09
KatolaZI mean that my testing wouldn't be massively useful17:09
KatolaZand this is true17:09
LeePenActually, I have just realised I can install pbuilder in the chroot and try it there.17:11
KatolaZoh sure17:11
KatolaZso you'll have a cow inside a chroot ;)17:12
LeePenYes. Seems silly, but at least I can sort out the upstream tag.17:12
KatolaZI think the devuan-packages/elogind repo has an upstream branch17:15
LeePenYes, and I have it in mine too.17:16
LeePenKatolaZ: I have just created and pushed the tag and gbp buildpackage works fine. Thanks for your help.17:28
KatolaZLeePen: np17:52
KatolaZwill review it later ok?17:52
LeePenYes, I am away from a computer now until Sunday night.17:54
gnu_srs2Hi, I'd like to package eudev for Debian, any objections?19:09
gnu_srs2I know that Centurion_Dan did the latest changes when I was AFK. Really appreciated :)19:10
gnu_srs2Howver, I don't think we can propose the udev transitional package to them :(19:11
KatolaZgnu_srs2: no objection at all19:22
KatolaZI only have the impression that there is no much interest about eudev, at least in debian-init-diversity19:22
KatolaZbut I might be completely wrong19:22
KatolaZI agree that it is worth trying though19:23
KatolaZ(even if the transitional package is indeed a problem)19:23
kilobytegnu_srs2: I think it's a waste of effort other than maybe in experimental.  It's good to have on standby to keep Lennart from declaring udev systemd only, but having it in Devuan is good enough.20:32
kilobyte*udev has so complex configuration and is so vital to the system that making them switchable would be damn hard20:33
gnu_srs2kilobyte: Yes, I was aiming to experimental, but without the transitional package 1:... udev it is harmless for systemd users :D20:37
gnu_srs2So it could even go into sid/testing/...20:38
gnu_srs2And Debian people willing to take the risk might even install it...20:39
gnu_srs2Centurion_Dan: Seems like I don't need to create new policykit-1 packages. LeePen already did that! However, I wonder if he added the -consolekit2 backend??21:00
gnu_srs2I'd be very relieved for somebody else taking over the polkit stuff, it is really a big mess (and will be even messier with three backends...)21:02

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