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Centurion_Danfsmithred: don'04:08
Centurion_Dandon't swear: "if not, edit /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf to add"04:08
Centurion_Danand don't encourage people to divulge their browsing habits to that evil lot....04:09
fsmithredI did also say opennic04:09
Centurion_Dangoogles dns^^04:09
fsmithredand golinux knows enough about google to make an informed decision04:10
Centurion_Dan8.8.8.8 is the new 666 :-o04:10
fsmithredlol, yeah, I know. But it works.04:10
fsmithredso it's good for testing04:10
Centurion_Danbetter off getting golinux to install unbound or some similar resolver and using that...04:11
Centurion_Dangolinux does your ISP support IPv6?04:12
fsmithredpretty sure it does not04:12
golinuxSo what is the best solution?04:34
golinuxIt did speed things up a bit.04:34
golinuxCenturion_Dan: The only place we discussed that was in a query so how did you see it?04:37
Centurion_Danuse unbound - that way you can bypass your isp04:38
golinuxYou going to make me search?   How did you know that we discussed that?04:39
golinuxWe being fsr and yours truly04:39
onefangUm, that chat was in this channel, I saw it to.04:41
golinuxAh, OK.  We had a followup today.04:43
golinuxCenturion_Dan: What does "using unbound" entail?04:44
golinuxDoes it have an IP I can slap in that file?04:44
Centurion_Dan> apt install unbound04:45
Centurion_Danand use
golinuxI am completely overloaded atm.  At my age it doesn't take much . . .04:45
golinuxCenturion_Dan: Thanks.  That I can do.04:46
golinuxInstalling now04:46
golinuxE: unbound: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 104:47
golinuxCenturion_Dan: ^^^04:47
Centurion_Danwhat comes before that?04:47
golinuxCenturion_Dan: ^^^04:51
Centurion_Danhmmm so it fails to install because it hardcodes a group id which in your system is undefined... ...05:20
fsmithredI get the same error with different group number05:24
fsmithredadduser --quiet --system --group --no-create-home --home /var/lib/unbound unbound05:26
fsmithredthat's from the postinst script05:26
fsmithredI had this problem before with some other package, but I don't remember what I did to fix it.05:27
fsmithredCenturion_Dan, golinux: It installs fine after a reboot.05:37
golinuxThanks.  Will do that after I tidy up refracta and post the files05:40
golinuxCenturion_Dan: I rebooted and unbound installed.  Do I have to do any manual configuration?07:40
golinuxEverything is quite peppy now.07:41
golinuxThanks for pointing me in that direction.07:41
Centurion_Dangolinux: you changed the prepend line in /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf to use ?07:45
golinuxCan I query to see what dns resolver is in use?07:45
Centurion_Danwhats the output of "dhcp -av"07:46
Centurion_Danthat should be "host -av"07:46
golinux$ host -av www.devuan.org07:48
golinuxTrying ""07:48
golinux;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached07:48
Centurion_Danhost -v
golinuxIt's still coming up from
Centurion_Danchange /etc/resolv.conf to have "nameserver"07:50
Centurion_Danand try the host command again.07:51
golinuxAh that fixed it.07:53
Centurion_Danhow fast compared to google?07:54
Centurion_Dansend me a pastebin07:54
golinuxThanks.  I hope that my isp doesn't overwrite it.07:54
golinuxGive me a sec07:54
Centurion_Danwith the dhclient.conf prepend line, it will always default to using ubound now regardless of your isp'07:55
golinuxIt's much faster than google07:55
golinuxReceived 97 bytes from in 59 ms07:56
golinuxReceived 60 bytes from in 469 ms07:56
golinuxThat's surprising07:57
golinuxDo you till want me to paste the whole thing?07:57
Centurion_Dannah, that's good... unbound will cache the entry for the TTL and it will be faster that way always.07:58
Centurion_Danand your not feeding googles metadata harvesting monster either ;-)07:59
golinuxOh I get that.  I've just never messed with networking since I got a cable.08:00
golinuxI did get pretty good at troubleshooting diaup a very long time ago.08:01
golinuxThat was really pretty painless.  Thanks for pushing me in that direction08:01
Centurion_Danyour welcome, now I dare you to write that up as a forum post ;-)08:04
golinuxHmmm . . . I just might do that after I finish tweaking the refracta site.  It's going to be a rather hellish week for me + rain and colder weather.  UGH!08:05
pixelherodevHmm... maybe I'll install unbound...08:09
XenguyI'm still trying to understand what unbound actually does09:00
golinuxXenguy:  It's a DNS resolver09:49
Xenguygolinux: Right, but why did you need it in the first place?09:50
golinuxThe default of my ISP was really slow09:51
golinuxAnd probably tracking my every move09:51
Xenguyaha, OK, so you wanted to configure better nameservers then?09:52
XenguyIt seems that unbound includes some extra security features also09:53
golinuxI am relatively network-illiterate but this was easy (with a little help from my friends).10:09
XenguyIt's probably not necessary, strictly speaking, to solve your issue, but nevertheless probably a good move generally10:14
XenguyAnd easy enough to setup, as you say10:15
XenguyTIL unbound is a better alternative to installing BIND locally10:18
mtnmanis it worth filing a bug for irssi if it instructs to join #debian instead of #devaun?23:55

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