libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2018-09-21

enychope correct to post err to this channel, something worng with repos12:09
enycE: Release file for is expired (invalid since 17h 34min 53s). Updates for this repository will not be applied.12:09
atsampsonenyc: I think the usual recommendation would be to try using instead (as it's automatically monitored), rather than .mirror.devuan.org12:20
KatolaZenyc: please use while we have a look12:22
Centurion_Danyeah... just seen it.12:23
Centurion_Danwill take a look.12:23
golinuxReport of not working here:
KatolaZgolinux: can they be more specific about which mirror is not working?17:48
golinuxMy French is too rusty to request any technical info.17:52
KatolaZgolinux: it's the same as deb.devuan.org17:55
KatolaZbut I can't see any anomaly there17:55
KatolaZ(you could ask in English, BTW)17:56

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