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gnu_srs1(08/25/2018 01:16:06 AM) srs: (12:55:49 AM) srs: Centurion_Dan: jaromil, KatolaZ: Please give your input to this query!01:18
gnu_srs1(01:16:40 AM) srs: (12:49:50 AM) srs: Recently Debian maintainers refuse to include patches to packages, thereby hindering development of these architectures!01:18
gnu_srs101:16:54 AM) srs: (12:50:52 AM) srs: Good to know is that neither of kfreebsd or hurd has any kind of support for systemd :)01:18
fsmithreddebian refused an intel microcode update because of the license terms01:39
fsmithredabsurd terms01:40
kilobytealready fixed01:41
fsmithredthe lawyers talked to the engineers?01:42
* kilobyte tries to stop laughing.01:42
golinuxfsmithred: Read DNG mail.01:44
golinuxBruce Perens announced the new license.01:44
fsmithredyeah, I just found that01:46
fsmithredI did not read that discussion01:46
gnu_srs1Centurion_Dan: ping!01:57
Centurion_Dangnu_srs1: can you fill me in on the details... I'm keen to know more.13:51
Centurion_Dankilobyte - about riscv64 should be do-able provided there is either some hardware we can use for a build machine - or atleast a working qemu13:53
Centurion_Dangnu_srs1: I'd be keen to add kfreebsd and hurd  - just need to have enough functioning to run a buildhost for the wanted ISA's ...13:56
Centurion_Danbut again it all takes time... a resource we don't have in abundance unless we can find a way to fund people to work on these things fulltime..13:57
kilobytethere's a lot of work to be done to get kfreebsd in a viable state, even more for hurd13:58
gnu_srs1One issue is cmake, a package having a lot of build dependencies. The Debian maintainer refuses to address patches sent for both kfreebsd and hurd.13:58
gnu_srs1kilobyte: I'm already hosting a buildd for Debian kFreeBSD and one for Debian Hurd.14:00
kilobyteon the other hand, most likely riscv64 will be usable by then, Devuan being able to play looser with freeze rules, thus getting ~6 months of extra development, at the cost of cherry-picking a few packages14:00
gnu_srs1And one for Devuan: build005 :)14:00
kilobytegnu_srs1: seeing the amount of outdated packages, things are not going well for those arches14:01
kilobyteeven basics like glibc14:02
gnu_srs1With the right attitude of patches sent to bug reports, this number would decrease significantly :D14:03
kilobyteheh, glibc fails at applying its patches, it's possible there's no deeper breakage14:04
kilobytecan't take a look right now -- gotta trot14:04
gnu_srs1The only problematic package is glibc for kfreebsd, yes.14:05
gnu_srs1But that is the only major obstacle,14:05
gnu_srs1For glibc 2.28 Hird is now supported upstream :)14:06
Centurion_Dankilobyte: I thought ubuntu had picked up on kfreebsd...14:12
Centurion_Dankilobyte, there is no big impediment for us to fork packages for just one cpu architecture - in many cases we may even be able to build them straight from debians sources.14:14
Centurion_Dangnu_srs1: really... can you spare us a kfreebsd and/or hurd buildhost for us to start playing with?14:19
Centurion_DanThis will require some more work on our ci setup to add the OS flavours, but that's not insurmountable.14:20
Centurion_Dan.. and was in the game plan...14:20
gnu_srs1Centurion_Dan: Yes, we can try to do that.14:34
Centurion_Dancool.. I'm heading to bed now.. will catch up on this during the coming week and start making plans!14:48
kilobyteat the moment, there are two blockers to have riscv64 debootstrappable: libffi (fixed in experimental: support in new upstream that has some regressions on other archs), and *drumroll* the-package-that-should-not-be-named (but Devuan already carries the fix)15:12

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