libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2018-08-24

andi89giHi ;) so i am quite new using devuan. I have installed the needed basics for dev, compile, rebuilding.So what's the best way to start a first dev project? Hope you give me an advice00:54
golinuxandi89gi: I assume you've seen this?
andi89gigolinux yes of course;)00:58
golinuxGood.  Since I don't package myself, that's the only suggestion I can offer.00:59
andi89gigolinux thx for it.Maybe somebody else package ?01:00
golinuxThey're most all on August vacation in EU.01:04
golinuxI see you're on webchat.  Might be better for you to use an irc client on your desktop.01:05
andi89giah okay hehe - in Germany we are finished with summer vacation01:05
andi89giah okay. Would it be better to use a client?01:05
golinuxI think so. More features01:13
golinuxProbably more secure too01:14
andi89giah ok. Than it would be muchmore better01:19
kilobytehmm, just got an idea for a cheaply done promotion of Devuan12:09
kilobyteriscv64 is definitely not targetted at Buster, yet will get real hardware and is expected to be usable software-wise around Buster freeze12:10
kilobyteas Devuan has much looser freeze rules than Debian, you can declare riscv64 support as official12:11
kilobytethe cost of doing so is having to rebuild all security updates; security updates hardly ever have an arch-specific issue12:11
kilobyteDevuan being 99.9% Debian (closest major derivative to it), it'd be easy to get a foot in12:12
kilobytethen by the usual inertia, people would stay12:13

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