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mtnmani've found a bug in the desktop0-live image. which package should i search against to see if it has already been reported?01:07
NewGnuGuymtnman: fsmithred is in charge of the desktop live image, but I think he's afk. What's the bug?01:09
mtnmanpulseaudio and bluetooth are installed, but pulseaudio-module-bluetooth is not included.01:10
fsmithredI can't tell what time it is. Are you still here, mtman?02:51
fsmithredmaybe file the bug against task-xfce-desktop. That determines most of the packages in the desktop-live isos.02:53
fsmithredand if KatolaZ thinks it shouldn't be included in the task, I can add it to the build list.02:54
fsmithredNewGnuGuy, maybe you'll see mtman before I do. ^^^02:55
fsmithredI'm on vacation and afk most of the time.02:55
golinuxfsmithred: I have pulseaudio-module-bluetooth on a default jessie install.  Let me go check ASCII02:59
mtnmanhi yes i am still here03:00
golinuxAnd also on ASCII03:03
golinuxmtnman: I have pulseaudio-module-bluetooth installed on both jessie and ascii.  Jessie was from the netinst and ascii from the desktop-live03:04
mtnmaninteresting. i will restart desktop-live and check once again.03:05
fsmithredI think I can find my package list. I'll check it.03:06
fsmithrednope. It's not in the package list.03:08
fsmithredgolinux, you must have added something that pulled it in.03:09
fsmithredI checked i386 and amd6403:10
golinuxHmmm . . . maybe vlc?03:14
golinuxI don't have a bluetooth.03:14
mtnmandevuan@devuan:~$ pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover03:17
mtnmanFailure: Module initialization failed03:17
mtnmandevuan@devuan:~$ pactl list short | grep bluetooth03:17
mtnmanASCII live-desktop03:17
fsmithredyeah, it's not in the list03:18
fsmithredif you file the bug report, I'll remember to add it when we make a point release03:18
fsmithredvlc installs without pulseaudio, so probably something else.03:19
fsmithredoh, I have Recommends exluded. That might make a difference.03:19
mtnmanok.  and another question: i'm not sure why the screensaver is password protected, but boot is not?03:20
fsmithredboot live iso bypasses the need for password03:20
fsmithredthat's built into live-config or live-boot03:20
fsmithredscreensaver can lock the screen, which requires a password to unlock03:21
fsmithredif you install to hard drive, you'll need a password to log in.03:21
fsmithred(unless you choose to keep auto-login)03:21
fsmithredthe live system also allows sudo for all commands03:22
fsmithredthat gets disabled upon install, unless you choose to keep it03:22
fsmithredinstaller will also let you set sudo only for shutdown/reboot...03:22
mtnmani see.  so the live-desktop is really designed for eventual installation to HDD03:22
fsmithredyeah, it uses refractinstaller, which copies the running system03:23
fsmithredconsequently, any changes you make in the live session will be retained in the installation03:23
mtnmani read about that and was going to experiment with refractinstaller.03:23
fsmithredplease do. It's designed for that.03:24
fsmithredchanges, I mean.03:24
fsmithredand if you want to really dive in, it's written in bash03:24
fsmithredread the config file03:24
fsmithredand find me if you have questions03:25
mtnmanok.  thanks.03:25
fsmithredI'll be mostly afk for two more weeks03:25
mtnmanhave a nice trip.  where are you going?03:26
fsmithredcalifornia. I'm already there.03:26
fsmithredand loving it.03:26
mtnmannorth or south?03:26
fsmithredbay area03:26
fsmithrednormally, I'm in massachusetts03:27
fsmithredwhere it's either too hot or too cold03:27
fsmithredand almost always too humid03:27
mtnmanhah, i have one sister in mass and one in oakland.03:27
fsmithredweird. My sister just moved out of oakland. That's who I'm visiting.03:28
fsmithredin san leandro now03:28
mtnmancool.  thanks again. bye for now....03:29
mtnmani am reporting a bug in the live-desktop iso.  what package would i file the bug against?04:25
fsmithredmtnman, if it's the missing pulse-bluetooth thing, report against task-xfce-desktop and we'll figure out what to do with it04:49
mtnmanyes it is. thanks.05:07
fsmithredmtnman, do you know if it gets installed if you use one of the installer isos and install a desktop with tasksel?05:20
mtnmanfsmithred: no. i am running the desktop-live because i am cannot yet install to disk.05:23
mtnmanfsmithred: i just checked and pulseaudio-module-bluetooth is not listed as dependency or even recommended by pulseaudio.05:30
fsmithredwhat can't you do without it?05:32
mtnmanconnect a bluetooth speaker05:32
golinuxIrrwahn: Where are the dependencies for elogind or policykit etc. defined?17:28
golinuxSomeone is trying to run ASCII Xfce without session management/polkit and can't kill the beast.17:29
golinuxFell free to jump in and clear things up.17:29
Irrwahngolinux: My guess is it hinges on xfce4 (that is the package going by this exact name, not the DE in general), which depends on xfce4-session, which depends on polkit stuff, which in turn depends on either consolekit or elogind.18:07
golinuxThanks!  I'll post that in that thread.18:07
IrrwahnAt least that is what I see when following up the output of:18:08
Irrwahnapt-cache --no-recommends --no-suggests --no-conflicts --no-breaks --no-replaces --no-enhances rdepends *pol*kit* | grep xfce18:08
Irrwahnapt-cache --no-recommends --no-suggests --no-conflicts --no-breaks --no-replaces --no-enhances rdepends xfce4-session18:08
IrrwahnI never tried, but it should be possible to install an xfce4 desktop in ascii from the components without pulling in policykit
IrrwahnUnless of course some other installed package requires polkit - there's a lot that potentially do.18:11

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