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* rrq oops; another cold and dark winter morning, and some two hours late...00:37
golinuxrrq: The sleepy bear didn't miss a thing.00:47
onefangThis looks interesting - Installs Debian 9 under Android, without needing root.13:39
onefangIt uses debootstrap, which is how I installed Devuan on my desktop and server.13:39
parazydIsn't termux already debian?13:39
onefangI've not poked at Termux much, but I know it uses apt to install packages.13:40
onefangOnce I have this house move out of the way, I'll poke at getting Devuan on my smart phone.13:41
onefangI was gonna try it anyway, only with root and using Lil' Deb.13:41
parazydLet us know :)13:43
onefangSpeaking of getting Devuan on my server, that's pretty much done, except for the minor polishing and installing the rest of the monitoring stuff.13:43
onefangIt's very annoying that there isn't ONE good monitoring solution, I have to install half a dozen.  sigh13:44
onefangEven more annoying, Debian Stretch, and thus ASCII, dropped support for Nagios, I had to switch to Icinga.13:45
jaromilit would be fantastic to have a termux version based on devuan13:53
onefangIt's open source, shouldn't be hard.  Same goes for Lil' Deb.13:54
jaromilyep. the question is how hard to maintain is14:05
jaromilmy bet is that just changing debootstrap should work14:05
onefangAs I mentioned above, I'm busy with having to move house right now.  After that I might have jury duty for a few weeks.  Maybe life will go easy on me after that and I can spend some time poking at Termux and Lil' Deb.14:08
jaromilsounds great! no worries and happy hacking, we all have busy times... more than ever now that we can use an OS that works and doesn't distracts us to fix systemd ;^)14:09
onefangPart of that moving house is that I might end up with an ISP that doesn't allow home servers like my current one doe, so I gotta move all of them to my European server.  ARGGHH, it never ends.  lol14:10
jaromiluse DECODE OS ;^)14:38
onefangRemind me again what DECODE OS is, I've forgotten.14:40
jaromilthis is all part of splitted14:41
jaromilit pierces any firewall14:42
onefangI doubt it will work for an OpenSim server.  Will it allow incoming SMTP connections to my mail server?14:44
onefangThough piercing firewalls isn't my problem, I can do that in many ways.  Having a static IP and a domain name with PTR records is the main problem.14:58
charhHello! #devuan-dev! I've seen your code and I loved it, a while ago I developed a personal script that creates an iso, using a Debian Live as a base15:09
charhyour script:
charhmy custom script xD
charhIf the project is still active and there is some way I can help, I am willing15:11
onefangAbout a month ago we made a major release, Devuan ASCII, so I think we are still active.  B-)15:13
charhonefang: cool xD. I'm recently looking at the documentation15:14
charhand seeing the bug tracker15:16
onefangI wont be the one you should be talking to about helping in general though.  Hopefully one of the others will pipe up soon.15:20
charhthanks onefang :)15:20
KatolaZcharh: you should have a look at the new devuan sdk15:23
KatolaZseveral other scripts and sdks have been merged into it15:24
charhoh thanks! KatolaZ, I will go read it immediately15:25
KatolaZcharh: using blends is quite easy, and allows a good deal of customisation15:28
charhKatolaZ: Oh yeah! I see that, it's great15:32
charhminimal_lisp_package+=(sbcl) xD it's a joke15:34
charhbut it would be great if it's included ;)15:34
charhI think that every system should have a lisp xD15:35
charhyes, yes, I'm a fan of lisp xD15:36
onefangSo you are gonna create a blend called Dethuanth?  B-)15:36
KatolaZcharh: it's s bit large in terms of deps ;)15:37
KatolaZthat's why no lisp is in there15:37
charhno, no KatolaZ is a joke, the system and dev is great!, but in general terms I am a fan of lisp15:38
charhonefang: yep15:39
charhonefang: but first I will understand the whole system15:39
KatolaZcharh: I might consider adding newlisp, which is relatively small and portable15:39
charhor chicken-bin KatolaZ? is a scheme lisp compiler15:40
onefangA quick search with synaptic shows pages of Lisp packages.15:41
onefangIncluding newlisp.15:41
onefangChicken-bin is in there to.15:43
charhi don't know newlisp, i will go see15:43
KatolaZcharh: it's cute15:43
onefangMostly the pages of packages are Common Lisp and Emacs Lisp.15:45
charhonefang: This is the official website of scheme chicken,
onefangAh, you are talking about Devuan minimal live.  Oops, my bad.15:45
charh it is wonderful to create binaries without C directly, util for sysadmins15:46
charhKatolaZ: great, I'm reviewing15:46
onefangLisp isn't one of the hundred languages I've programmed in during my career, and I have no plans to start Lisping anytime soon.15:47
charhoki oki xD, no problem onefang15:49
charhthe first comment was really a joke, but I do a blend, I will give it a lisp, a common lisp15:49
charhDoes the project make changes to the * .deb packages?15:51
fsmithreddeb packages are changed where dependency on systemd needs to be removed15:52
charhOr use them from the official Debian repository?15:52
charhmmm ok!, thanks fsmithred15:52
fsmithredthe rest are pulled from debian and run through a filter to prevent installing systemd15:52
charhgreat fsmithred!, can i make life in this channel?15:54
* fsmithred hands charh a pillow and a blanket15:55
onefangI suspect procreation is beyond the capabilities of IRC.15:55
charhcoool! thanks! :D \o/!!15:55
fsmithredI don't have the link with me, but last weeks meeting notes has a list of packages that probably need to be recompiled15:55
fsmithredthere's also a list of banned packages at pkgmaster.devuan.org15:56
charhoh! cool!15:57
fsmithredKatolaZ, were you at yesterday's meeting?15:57
KatolaZnope fsmithred15:57
KatolaZmissed it15:57
fsmithredme too. I was flying.15:57
fsmithredsun rises really late in california.15:58
fsmithredthey're all still asleep here.15:58
onefangIt's almost August, when half of Europe stays in bed late.15:59
fsmithredyeah, we've noticed that16:00
fsmithredso I'm taking a euro vacation now (three weeks)16:00
onefangHave lots of fun.16:00
fsmithredalright, I16:01
fsmithred'm going off in search of coffee16:01
fsmithredbbl, off and on16:01
KatolaZfsmithred: coffee? In California?16:01
fsmithredyeah, they have coffee here16:04
fsmithredthey're not all smoking pot16:04

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