libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2018-06-12

NewGnuGuyparazyd: I've got a working Power Mac G5. I'd love to have a Devuan install ISO for it. :-)00:40
golinuxOooooo . . . they changed to ASCII darkpurpy on distrowatch!
golinuxBut they still don't have quite the right DE listed: Desktop: LXDE, MATE, Xfce01:57
parazydNewGnuGuy: The furthest you'd get with a G5 is Devuan Jessie though. No powerpc support in stretch+08:53
onefangMy server hosting company says they'll keep an eye out for official Devuan packages through Onapp.  Who I have never heard of.09:27
onefangI asked them if they would be interested in my help providing a Devuan ASCII option for their customers.  They at least where aware of the ASCII release.  That was their response.09:30
onefangThe Register has caught up on our ASCII release, lots of mostly positive comments going on right now.11:00
AntoFoxI have fixed some problem on my repo, now we can install mate 1.20 and cinnamon :)11:02
AntoFoxlet me know if somewhat not go11:03
onefangI've spent a lot of today struggling with installing lxdm and lxde, turned out some env variable leakage during the chroot was causing the problems.  lol11:03
onefangI should be ready to run my debootstrap script on my main desktop later tonight.  Then on my server likely next week.11:05
hightower2So, fine fellows, is there a list somewhere of open tasks/projects within Devuan where one can help?16:45
hightower2Or a listing of units/divisions/ongoing projects16:45
onefangI think there is, I just can't find it quickly right now.16:47
onefangThat's the one.16:49
onefangKnow I looked at that in the last couple of days, just couldn't find it quickly.16:50
KatolaZit's in the ASCII announcement, BTW16:50
onefangI was about to check that, after checking a dozen other places.  lol16:51
hightower2Cool, thanks16:54
golinuxjaromil: Did you attend to the request for an interview on Late Night Linux Extra to talk about the recent ASCII release?21:23
golinuxI forwarded from the freedom email21:23
golinuxAnd another one for a merchandise request from HelloTex?21:25
golinuxHello Tux, of course21:25
TheOuterLinuxUsing Devuan 2.0 i386 and touchpad click support wasn't enabled. I had to install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics. Reboot and then run 'synclient tapbutton1=1' to get it working. Did someone forget?21:25
KatolaZTheOuterLinux: forget what?21:26
golinuxTheOuterLinux: This is the first I've seen that reported21:26
TheOuterLinuxOut of the box, only the buttons beside the touchpad work. Touch click does not until you do those steps. I also couldn't find touch click option in Mouse and Touchpad settings.21:28
TheOuterLinuxThe touchpad works to move the mouse but not to click. The above mentioned fixed it.21:31
TheOuterLinuxI also noticed something else and it might be XFCE's fault, but trying to change the clock format in the panel results in blanking out the whole thing when clicking either close button.21:57
TheOuterLinuxBlanking out the clock applet I mean21:57
TheOuterLinuxI'm refering to the default clock applet.22:01

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