libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2018-06-11

parazydgnu_srs1: They're already setup with stable/testing/unstable aliases :)00:05
parazydWhat we have to do now is proper package promotion - experimental > unstable > testing > stable00:06
parazydI'm happy we managed to catch up with Debian finally, so we can do a bunch of stuff from now on00:06
Centurion_Dandid you all spot Bruce Perens almost instant response to the Devuan ASCII release announcement on /.?00:11
gnu_srs1parazyd: Nice to hear. Let's get to it :)00:11
gnu_srs1Centurion_Dan: Yes, he is really supportive ;)00:11
parazydCenturion_Dan: Do you perhaps know if Perens has donated any money to Devuan so far?00:13
Centurion_DanNo idea... but I do recall when he tried to build a debian derivative - UserLinux it was mostly a re-branding and some meta-packages.  It was my first real foray into Debian world... then I was a bit of a novice but encouraged the project... it died when ubuntu launched...00:17
Centurion_Danbut here we are with Bruce now stating he prefers it.  His simple statement speaks volumes about just how good Devuan is.00:18
Centurion_Dan.. especially knowing where he has come from.00:19
parazydThe amount of downloads is pretty impressive too00:19
KatolaZ# downloads is massive guys00:19
fsmithredesr was in here a couple weeks ago asking about ascii progess and said he was ready to install it.00:19
parazydWhich esr?00:20
fsmithredpretty sure it was Eric Raymond00:20
onefangThere's two of them?00:20
parazydAh, sweer :)00:20
fsmithredhis address matched a project he's part of00:21
KatolaZI wouldn't be surprised, tbh00:21
KatolaZabout 2300 ISO images only from files.devuan.org00:22
KatolaZmore than 700GB seeded via torrent00:22
KatolaZ(me and parazyd)00:22
KatolaZI guess files.d.o is no more than 20/30% of the total amount00:22
KatolaZgiven that mirrors are linked while is not00:23
Centurion_Dananybody know why the piwik stats javascript was dropped from the website??01:16
golinuxI just tols you.01:17
XenguyHuh, ESR, interesting03:26
XenguySome him speak one time.  He has a limp, and likes shooting guns too.03:26
XenguyI think he might be pagan, but not sure03:27
XenguyInteresting fellow03:27
parazydKatolaZ: I enabled ppc64el again for merging.12:46
parazydThe build machine is up with Debian Stretch so I'll attend to it soon.12:46
parazydKatolaZ: Is it viable to build Ascii base for ppc64el?12:47
parazydBy "base" I mean init and essential packages, nothing desktop-wise.12:47
golinuxKatolaZ;  Will the CDROM set of 3 allow someone to upgrade to ascii offline?17:30
KatolaZgolinux: it depends what they have in the system they are upgrading from...17:34
KatolaZdepends *on*17:34
KatolaZif the packages are in the CDROMs, then the answer is yes17:34
golinuxCan I forward the email from freedom to you to answer?17:34
* golinux sighs.17:35
KatolaZthe answer is above17:35
telmichparazyd: if you ever need more compute power for building stuff, let us now. I think we even have somebody who would donate a G5 for devuan building, if it helps18:56
parazydAnything not amd64/i386/arm is useful.18:57
parazydWe just got a ppc64el machine today too so I'm enabling that now :)18:57
parazydtelmich: If someone can ship/host a G5, that's useful ATM.18:58
golinuxDo we want to have  Wednesday meet?21:52
parazydAny agenda?21:53
golinuxparazyd: There could be if you want to add something.21:54
parazydNothing I want to this soon21:55
parazydMaybe next week.21:55
golinuxI'll send an email asking.21:56
telmichparazyd: what do you uneed in terms of amd64?22:03
parazydI believe we're all set with all common architectures.22:04
telmichah NOT22:05
telmichSorry, reading is not my strength22:05
telmichJust got back in touch with the G5 guy, will keep you updated22:05
parazydCool, thanks :)22:06

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