libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2018-06-10

onefangSo Devuan ASCII is officially released now?08:07
onefangCongratulations, and thanks for all the hard work team.08:09
onefangMy home network connection has a monthly bandwidth quota of 30 GB, which runs out at the end of the 12th each month local time.  So I have 15 GB free for the next few days.  I have an ASCII plan to soak up some of that.08:11
onefangI intend to do a debootstrap install on my home test box, then on my main desktop, documenting things as I go.  Once I'm happy with the result, I'll do the same to my server.08:12
onefangI'll put the resulting documentation on the FOD wiki.08:17
onefangI might even manage to convince my server hosting company to offer a Devuan ASCII option.  If I recall correctly, I helped them a little with their Debian Jessie option.08:34
onefang has a typo -19:09
KatolaZonefang: ?19:09
KatolaZcould be19:10
onefang"Devuan has recently set up a simple service to display nformation"  Missing "i" in that last word.19:10
KatolaZwill fix it19:10
* onefang keeps reading it.19:12
onefangAnd another missing letter in the final paragraph - "This means that it i sometimes difficult to adapt it"19:13
onefangYou are welcome.19:15
Centurion_Dangolinux: you point me to the appropriage swoosh and I'll ask them to update it.22:56
Centurion_Dan- tuxmachines that is22:56
gnu_srs1Hi, congrats to the ascii release. Now it is time to make progress and introduce stable (ascii), testing (beowulf) and unstable (ceres) repos and workflows :D23:59

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