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golinuxShould I merge the site to master?01:04
AlexLikeRockhi guys06:41
AlexLikeRockwhats its  day of born  DEVUAN ?06:43
AlexLikeRockEXACTLY DATE06:43
Centurion_DanAlexLikeRock: day of the call to fork, day of devuan's first image, or day of first release??06:47
AlexLikeRockexactly ,that its my confution,06:48
Centurion_Dan... or day of devuan's naming..06:48
AlexLikeRockwhat  day its official BIRDDAY06:48
KatolaZAlexLikeRock: ?06:48
KatolaZofficial birthday of what?06:48
AlexLikeRockof  DEVUAN06:48
AlexLikeRock OF COURCE06:49
KatolaZthe question is not well-posed06:49
KatolaZwhat is the official birthday of Debian?06:49
KatolaZor of Slackware?06:49
AlexLikeRockdebian they have a  "DEBIAN DAY"06:50
AlexLikeRockso... what  its  a "devuan day"?06:50
AlexLikeRockgolinux, ,  could  yoou  anwer my question ?06:51
KatolaZyou know, we have had other stuff to deal with rather than writing birth certificates...06:51
onefangConsidering Devuan is a world wide effort, even if you can tie it down to an exact time, that's still be different days in different places in the world.06:51
Centurion_DanAlexLikeRock: hmmm...  I guess feb 14th date of the first valentine release06:51
AlexLikeRockyes,...  I TINK SO....06:51
onefangLike right now, I think it's still yesterday in some parts of America.06:52
onefangAnd it's still 1950 in some parts of Queensland.  B-)06:56
golinuxAlexLikeRock: November, 27, 201407:41
KatolaZgolinux: posted on dev1galaxy07:42
KatolaZplease check and make it sticky07:42
golinuxWebsite is on master.07:46
golinuxStill need to fix a few small things.07:47
golinuxBut most is OK.07:47
AlexLikeRockvery good  DEVUAN TEAM08:06
AlexLikeRocki create  Twitter  and facebook  to support  WWW.DEVUAN-MX.ORG08:21
AlexLikeRockmore  support to devuan spanish  speakers08:22
AlexLikeRock  (user)08:22
AlexLikeRockquestion golinux08:29
AlexLikeRockwhy  " November, 27, 2014"  ???08:29
AlexLikeRocktanks alot08:31
golinuxHistory is important.08:33
KatolaZplease reply that the sha256sum is OK08:49
KatolaZmight have been a problem in downloading08:49
KatolaZwe have checked them repeatedly08:49
golinuxI saw that post.08:50
KatolaZmust have been a problem with download08:50
AlexLikeRockyeah some people  say that  , problems   with FTP08:51
KatolaZthere is no FTP...08:52
AlexLikeRockhow its remponsable of list DYNE   mail  list?08:55
KatolaZAlexLikeRock: uh?08:56
NewGnuGuyI see the release announcement was sent on DNG, but haven't received it on the devuan-announce list yet. Also the dng email contains the typo "hackaton" and an incomplete press email address in the links section.18:52
NewGnuGuyjaromil: ^^^18:52
golinuxI can at least change that on the website18:53
golinuxWhat's wrong with  ?18:54
golinuxNewGnuGuy: ^^^18:54
NewGnuGuygolinux: in the dng email it's listed as "freedom@???"
golinuxAll emails in the archive are truncated.18:57
NewGnuGuyOh, ok18:57
golinuxprevents spam mining18:57
NewGnuGuyI see, gotcha18:58
golinuxShouldn't it be hackathon?18:58
golinuxmissing an "h"18:58
NewGnuGuyyes, missing an h18:58
golinuxI'm guessing the jaromil forgot to send to announce.18:59
golinuxCould you maybe send him an email reminder?18:59
golinuxDon't know how much he's on irc these days.19:00
NewGnuGuyemail sent19:10
golinuxThis release has been pretty quiet.19:11
golinuxHope it picks up a bit.19:12
DocScrutinizer05did you send a info to distrowatch etc?20:13
Centurion_Danemail went to dng and was picked up by almost immediately... but under the Debian Logo...21:27
golinuxYou going to send them a nice Devuan swoosh?21:35

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