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KatolaZgolinux: pkginfo.devuan.org01:15
golinuxKatolaZ: Great!  Could you possibly change #6F6A83 to #6A6578 in buggers?  It's in two place iirc.01:18
KatolaZi did already01:23
KatolaZI guess01:23
KatolaZit was in foot and nav01:23
golinuxNope.  It should be #6A657801:25
KatolaZit is now01:26
KatolaZplease reload01:26
golinuxNope.  Cleared cache and that file from history,  Still #6F657801:28
golinuxIt should be #6A657801:28
golinuxEven tried a private window.01:30
KatolaZagain, it is...01:30
KatolaZjust download to check01:30
golinux.nav {01:31
golinuxbackground-color: #6F6578;01:31
golinux.foot {01:32
golinuxbackground-color: #6F6578;01:32
golinuxFrom the oage source.01:32
KatolaZtry again now01:34
golinuxJust in case you thin I was imagining things:
KatolaZgolinux: I know01:38
KatolaZI corrected it01:38
KatolaZyou made your point :)01:38
KatolaZI am doing three things in parallel01:38
golinuxYes you did!!01:38
golinuxMee too.01:38
KatolaZand it's well past bed time over here01:38
golinuxWhat a difference one letter makes!!01:38
KatolaZI also added Beowulf01:39
KatolaZnow I am going to sleep01:39
golinuxThanks for doing that.  Sleep well.  Hopefully website will be finished tonight01:39
golinuxThe on to pkginfo tomorrow01:39
KatolaZwhat for?01:40
golinuxThe css is a mess Looks tyerrible.01:40
KatolaZit's the buggers.css you sent me...01:40
golinuxFooter looks like poo01:40
KatolaZit's the same poo we have on popcon and bugs...01:40
golinuxIt's not comp-lete yet.  Header looks great.  It's all downhill from there.01:40
KatolaZgolinux: please consider that that stuff is inside a go app01:41
golinuxWell it need to be fixed.01:41
KatolaZI will have to work on minimal-live and installers first01:42
KatolaZotherwie we will have the websites ready, but nothing to release :)01:42
golinuxI will hopefully just send you one corrected file.01:42
golinuxI need to move all your css to the buggers file.01:42
golinuxIt shouldn;t be in the head.01:43
KatolaZI can move it there01:43
golinuxAnd the the footer.01:43
KatolaZthe footer is taken from the website01:43
KatolaZalmost identical01:43
KatolaZI simply cut out irrelevant stuff01:43
golinuxI may want to tweak it a bit.  A the "div" need to go for start.  Just use "," or # for class01:44
KatolaZ(like the link to the source of the website)01:44
KatolaZgolinux: it's irrelevant01:44
KatolaZthat syntax says that the class applies only to divs01:44
KatolaZI can remove it, but it's just silly IMHO01:44
KatolaZit's a good way to not mess up with other styles defined for other components01:44
golinuxThe html is from d.o but it needs different css than what's in  buggers.01:45
golinuxclass applies only to divs This is true.  And it's written thusly .XXXX {xxx:xxxx} not div.XXXX {xxx:xxxx}01:46
KatolaZno golinux01:47
golinuxIt sort it.  Don't waste you brian cells on it01:47
KatolaZa class can apply to anything01:47
KatolaZif you prepend the element name, it applied only to that element01:47
KatolaZ(I started using CSS2 when it was only a W3C draft :P)01:48
golinuxI have never seen or heard of that after designing sites for nearly 20 years01:48
KatolaZI might not be a web developer, but I know the standard very well01:48
KatolaZjust go read it then :)01:48
KatolaZit's a good read01:48
KatolaZgood night now01:48
golinuxI have never seen that in all the source code that I read.01:48
KatolaZbecause people don't care to read the standards01:48
golinuxNo developers follow.  at least that one.01:49
KatolaZplease read there01:50
KatolaZit's all explained01:50
KatolaZthe same holds in CSS301:50
golinuxI always considered myself a purist and my code always has validated.01:50
KatolaZagain, it's valid01:50
KatolaZbut yours applies to any element01:50
KatolaZmine only to div01:50
golinuxI make no guarantee for the mess I inherited on devuan.org01:50
KatolaZsince I want that so01:50
KatolaZplease have a read at the link I posted01:51
KatolaZthat's a very handy feature of CSS2/CSS301:51
* golinux groans . . .01:51
NewGnuGuyparazyd: Is jaromil around? I sent him a pm.17:14
parazydHe was earlier today. Email could work better as he's travelling.17:15
parazydAnything I can help with?17:15
NewGnuGuyI would like an or or similar email address. I would like to use a non-gmail address when registering on forums, mailinglists, IRC, git, etc.17:17
parazydYeah, can't help with that, sry :/17:18
parazydSend him an email17:18
NewGnuGuyI'm wanting to migrate away from Google services for as many things as I can, including email.17:19
parazydLots of free emails here fwiw:
NewGnuGuyThat service doesn't strike me as one that will be around longterm17:23
parazydBeen around for a dozen years17:29
KatolaZthe longer it has been around, the close it's to its death...17:31
kilobyteif something run by 4chan people is more reliable and trustworthy than Google's offering, you know they have a problem17:39
rrqgolinux: pm18:11
DocScrutinizer05how about a /topic update?20:07
parazydTomorrow :)20:08
DocScrutinizer05err, this is *devel chan20:08
DocScrutinizer05U could look up URLs of pads etc in local chanlog, but...20:09
parazydI think anything relevant is on the ML too20:10
DocScrutinizer05hmm, ok. whatever. I only can proofread what I can access20:10
DocScrutinizer05logs fixed, funny error in script aborting on 0 sized files21:07
schoffhi devs21:10
schoffquick question21:10
schoffwhen is devuan going to upgrade from jessie?21:11
schoffI'm sure its annoying to be asked that but I was just wondering21:11
parazydYou can already upgrade to ascii by changing your sources.list21:12

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