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fsmithredKatolaZ, you what I didn't do? Remove the b43 package names from the removal script.00:01
KatolaZI have removed them00:05
KatolaZ(from minimal-live)00:05
fsmithredoh good. I need clippy to help me navigate git.00:38
KatolaZoh FFS00:40
NewGnuGuyplease no00:42
kilobytegitlab and co couldn't have asked for a better thing to happen to them00:43
kilobytefor the rest of us, having to update URLs will suck but is not the end of the world00:44
NewGnuGuyLooks like I may be getting serious about registering at notabug.org00:46
fsmithredKatolaZ, rc0 files from May 2 are same as rc?01:16
NewGnuGuyfsmithred: The rc0 ISOs are different I believe.01:22
NewGnuGuyI have both rc0 as well as rc isos. Is there a particular pair you'd like me to compare?01:23
NewGnuGuyfsmithred: I just compared the amd64_dvd-1 rc0 vs rc isos against each other and the hashes differ.01:29
golinuxparazyd:  Are we going to have a torrent/magnet available for stable?  If yes please get me the link(s) to put on the website.01:34
golinuxThe old presentation is hidden in the html for reference if you need it.01:35
golinuxIs ASCII also going to be an LTS?01:38
golinuxKatolaZ: ^^^01:39
fsmithredok, I'll have to download again02:17
KatolaZgolinux: you won't have a link for the torrent before all the images are in place07:00
golinuxAh, OK.07:20
golinuxKatolaZ: Do you have a minute to look at this page?
golinuxShould we add a section for oldstable?07:21
KatolaZgolinux: ?07:22
KatolaZjessie remains jessie07:22
KatolaZwe use only codenames07:22
KatolaZbut we had worked at that page for the RC right?07:23
KatolaZI am confused07:23
golinuxDon't be confused07:23
golinuxI think we need to be clear that jessie will be oldstable and ASCII now stable07:24
KatolaZgolinux: KISS07:25
KatolaZmore pages are not always more useful07:25
golinuxLet me merge a few pages to so you can see what I'm doing.07:25
KatolaZthe information reported ^^^ here is more then enough07:25
golinuxThere will not be more pages.  Where did you get that idea?07:25
golinuxI have made changes to that page.07:26
golinuxGive ma a few minute to merge.07:26
golinuxma > me07:26
KatolaZ <- where does this come from?07:26
golinuxAsk hellekin07:28
golinuxIt's been there since the site was first created.07:29
golinuxCan you please go to  I rewrote the opening para.07:29
golinux links to where there is more detailed description of the various repos.07:30
golinuxI think it did it that way to keep the entry page from being too complicated.07:31
golinuxI have requested that chillfan, msi and NewGnuGuy get PGPs before the release to put on the site.07:33
KatolaZgolinux: I won't touch that page07:40
KatolaZis it even reachable from anywhere?07:40
golinuxYes, from
golinuxIt describes what the various repos are for.  We went through that page for the RC.07:41
KatolaZgolinux: but you have all the repos in there already07:41
KatolaZ^^^^ this page07:42
golinuxThere is more detail on the second page.  Not defending it.  Just describing it.07:42
KatolaZrefers to stuff that does not exist07:42
golinuxYou OKd it for the RC.07:42
KatolaZthere is no file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/devuan-stable-security.list07:42
KatolaZno golinux07:42
KatolaZthis is the first time I see that page07:42
KatolaZI had seen
KatolaZand I didn't notice the reference to all those files under sources.list.d07:43
KatolaZagain, IMHO KISS07:45
golinuxWell the site has more or less been like that for 3 years.07:45
KatolaZhaving said that, you decide07:45
KatolaZbut please, try to simplify as much as possible07:45
golinuxI am mostly working in a vacuum all on my own.  That's why I pester you for feedback.07:46
golinuxShould I merge those two pages?07:46
KatolaZgolinux: pester others as well :)07:46
KatolaZI am not the bible07:46
golinuxYou're not?07:46
KatolaZcan't, hadn't, won't07:47
golinuxI have not seen chillfan for a while.  msi is hardly ever around.  I can't do this alone.07:48
golinux<golinux> Should I merge those two pages?07:48
KatolaZgolinux: I won't decide on that07:50
KatolaZyou are the web czar :)07:50
KatolaZI think we should massively simplify07:51
KatolaZthe sources.list.d page does not need to report the repos line again, for instance07:51
KatolaZthat's a useless and confusing addition. IMHO07:51
KatolaZpeople get there only if they want to know what "-proposed" is07:51
KatolaZthe explanation works for any codename07:52
golinuxI play with with visuals and am a good editor for something that is already written. I am not the content czar07:52
KatolaZthe actual line depends on the codename07:52
KatolaZ(I am giving you feedback)07:52
golinuxI already have <release codename> in most of the source options.07:53
golinuxNut some have the actual codename instead.07:54
KatolaZi think this page ->
KatolaZis quite misleading07:57
KatolaZit's mixing stuff07:58
KatolaZand confuses instead of clarifying07:58
KatolaZthere is no avail in putting any reference to ascii or ceres there07:58
golinuxor jessie?07:59
KatolaZif it's a page to explain what the different suites are, it shouldn't mix codenames07:59
KatolaZor anything07:59
KatolaZalso, I would really avoid to keep putting "stable" and "texting" as <code> (or whatever it is)08:00
KatolaZpeople should not use "stable" or "testing" in their sources.list08:00
golinuxWhy don't I move the more detailed descriptions of each repository to the sources.list page and disconnect (or remove) sources.lost.d08:02
golinuxProblem is that it is indexed in the search engines so will produce a 404 if removed.08:03
KatolaZgolinux: the web evolves08:04
KatolaZpages get removed08:04
KatolaZall the time08:04
golinuxSorry for the typos.  I'm about finished for the night.08:04
KatolaZshall we leave up all the indexed pages?08:04
KatolaZgo to sleep08:04
KatolaZa tired person is a useless one08:04
golinuxBefore I go . . . Did you look at the opening of the index page?08:05
golinuxI alos redid the chart08:06
KatolaZwhich chart?08:09
golinuxOn the index page08:10
golinuxI also redid the Quick Overview on
fsmithredthunderstorms coming, and I have to go out for the day. Shutting down...15:41
golinuxKatolaZ: You around?  This is at the bottom of
golinuxSource repositories are stored in /etc/apt/sources.list*.22:09
golinuxThe recommended configuration is to leave the main repository in /etc/apt/sources.list and use repository-specific files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d:22:09
golinuxI think that is why hellekin creeated a separate oage for sources.list.d22:10
golinuxOK.  I'm pecking away at it.22:10
golinuxNewGnuGuy: You got the email I sent?22:38
NewGnuGuyabout GPG keys, yes?22:41
golinuxYes. And help with the website corrections.22:43
golinuxmsi created a pad for that22:44
golinuxI'm going through it atm.22:44
NewGnuGuyfound it22:47
golinuxI'm going to start integrating the sources.list and sources.list.d pages23:16
golinuxNewGnuGuy: Could you please have a look at  ?23:26
golinuxWhat of that page should be salvaged for ?23:27
NewGnuGuyOn the sources.list page, under the "Additional repositories" heading there is the line "See /etc/apt/sources.lists.d for detailed explanations."23:54
NewGnuGuyI would start by moving those Repo descriptions directly into to sources.list page.23:55
NewGnuGuygolinux: ^^^23:55

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