libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2018-06-01

golinuxpekman reappeared today after a long absence getting Hyperbola in order.  He has returned to devuan and put up this site:
NewGnuGuyjaromil: The certificate for expires in six days on the 7th.09:26
fsmithredKatolaZ, did you ever look into that question about beowulf repo?
fsmithreddid a missing release name get added a couple days ago?13:27
fsmithredmaybe parazyd knows?13:27
KatolaZfsmithred: yes13:38
KatolaZI also sent an email to DNG today13:38
KatolaZwe added the Origin: to pkgmaster13:38
KatolaZyesterday or two days ago13:38
fsmithredcool, I'll check dng13:38
KatolaZthis fixes some issues with lsb_release13:38
KatolaZ(and is the same as in
fsmithredI'll to copy your message to the forum if it hasn't already been done13:40
golinuxKatolaZ:  This note was just left on the forum.  Don't know if it's anything that might be relevant to the upcoming release.20:40
golinux"To make the polkit rules really work in KDE uninstall gvfs and related packages."20:41
KatolaZpolkit works on KDE ootb20:43
KatolaZthat post refers to beta20:44
KatolaZthe initial problem was due to the polkit glitch we had in ascii beta20:44
golinuxI had never heard mention of gvfs (that I can remember) so thought it might be something in addition to of fix.20:51
golinuxto our fix20:51
KatolaZKDE works out-of-the-box20:52
golinuxJust wanted to make sure it wasn't a last miniute gottcha.20:52
golinuxAre you annoyed that I mentioned it?20:52
golinuxOr that I don't really have a good understanding of any of the "kit' stuff?20:53
KatolaZgolinux: the original post in that thread dates back to 16 months ago...20:54
KatolaZthe last post before the one you mentioned is dated 2018-03-0420:55
KatolaZright after the beta20:55
KatolaZbefore RC20:55
KatolaZthis stuff has been fixed in RC20:55
KatolaZand there have not been other reports of incorrect behaviour20:55
golinuxAnd I posted a (likely) stupid question about whether users are now being asked to install non-free firmware during installation on all of our media options20:57
KatolaZgolinux: this was discusses21:04
KatolaZat the meeting21:04
KatolaZusers are asked21:04
KatolaZexcept in a very strange corner case21:04
KatolaZthat I was not able to reproduce21:05
KatolaZwe decided to leave it as it is21:05
golinuxThanks.  Sometimes I blank out during the really technical stuff.21:50
KatolaZfsmithred: you here?23:42
fsmithredbeen out working days23:43
fsmithredI did see that we're scheduled for sprint and release23:43
fsmithredum, are you sure about the non-free stuff?23:44
fsmithredlol, ok23:44
KatolaZthat's why I wanted to talk with you23:44
fsmithredI found something I said in april, but rc was after that23:45
fsmithredI haven't tried those in at least a couple weeks23:45
fsmithredin beta, you had to choose expert install and select a mirror to get asked23:46
fsmithredshit, I guess I'm gonna do a couple installs tonight23:46
KatolaZhold on23:47
KatolaZI tought you were talking about the non-free firmware in the live23:47
fsmithredno, I'm talking about the installer isos23:47
KatolaZoh ok23:47
fsmithredthe live I think we solved23:47
KatolaZso we should remove b43-fwcutter and the b43-legacy?23:48
fsmithredyeah, b43 installers (2) and b43-fwcutter23:48
fsmithredanother issue that I'm sure we'll run into is all the kit stuff on upgrade with xfce but without task-xfce-desktop23:49
fsmithredwhen I upgrade a refracta jessie, which doesn't even have the xfce4 metapackage...23:49
fsmithredsynaptic either doesn't start or starts without asking for a password23:50
fsmithredI need to investigate that more23:50
fsmithredI tried adding all the same kit packages that are in devuan ascii, but I couldn't get it right23:50
KatolaZthe thing is that there is no easy way to get around that23:50
fsmithredpart of problem might be that I tried with lightdm and lxdm23:51
KatolaZoh ok23:51
fsmithredyeah, I'm getting that23:51
fsmithredreally starting to love openbox23:51
fsmithredand fine-grained sudo privs23:51

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