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Harzileindo i get it right, the ci doesn't care about pristine tarballs?06:18
Harzileinwas that a deliberate decision? -.-06:18
golinuxHarzilein: You might want to look at this:
golinuxI am not a packager but I know that we are very picky about sources.06:26
Harzileini'm not sure that thread (either original post or replies) answer my question06:27
golinuxI haven't ever heard of a devuan package being built from a tarball06:28
Harzileinit seems the ci logs indicate (will check after reading jenkins-debian-glue) that the ci builds from whatever is in the upstream branch rather than any pristine-tar branch06:28
Harzileingolinux: so they'll have an orig.tar.gz that differs from what upstream releases06:28
golinuxHonestly I don;t know enough to be totally sure.  I do know that the source of some work I've done was nearly impossible to find acceptable source06:30
NewGnuGuyping Irrwahn09:03
KatolaZHarzilein: what's the problem?10:15
HarzileinKatolaZ: i'm not sure if the omission of the pristine-tar branch is systematic, and also if it were present the ci glue stuff would change the gbp settings to use it10:23
KatolaZHarzilein: the devuan pipeline is based on git10:24
KatolaZso by default packages are built from the corresponding suite branch10:24
HarzileinKatolaZ: that's quite irrelevant for the question if devuan ignores the practice of preserving upstream tarballs except in case of dfsg-based omissions of files10:25
KatolaZHarzilein: hold on10:25
parazydHarzilein: tarballs are made out of git tags10:26
HarzileinKatolaZ: but you are right, it only _surfaces_ on devuan because the debian-ci runs from uploaded tarballs.10:26
KatolaZHarzilein: namely10:26
KatolaZtarballs are made out of the corresponding suite branch10:27
Harzileinparazyd: the _orig_ tarballs should be massaged to the original tarballs by deltas provided in the pristine-tar branch though10:27
KatolaZHarzilein: if the package uses a pristine tar, then it can be used by the ci10:27
KatolaZbut again, what is the issue at hand10:27
KatolaZhaving a pipeline based on git simplifies a lot of stuff actually10:28
KatolaZand it's easier to keep track of changes between minor releases10:28
HarzileinKatolaZ: it happens that debian _currently_ does not have a pristine-tar delta for the package i'm looking at either, but i _think_ it's still their policy to have them10:28
KatolaZsince you have tagged builds10:28
KatolaZHarzilein: ask debian then :)10:28
KatolaZalso Debian is moving towards a git pipeline10:29
KatolaZmost new packages are only managed in git repos10:29
HarzileinKatolaZ: it's about util linux. your repo doesn't have pristine-tar even for the historical version, while debian's has10:29
KatolaZwith a git workflow10:29
KatolaZHarzilein: so?10:29
KatolaZyou have the entire tree10:29
KatolaZwith the whole history10:29
KatolaZand the corresponding tags10:29
KatolaZjust checkout the tag corresponding to the version10:30
KatolaZand you have the pristine-tar10:30
HarzileinKatolaZ: it's _not_ the pristine tar10:30
Harzileinit's _a_ tar10:30
Harzileinbasically i find it wasteful that, say, a non-dfsg orig.tar.gz with the careless omission of pristine tar deltas can no longer double as a freebsd distfile10:31
Harzileinor the other way around10:31
Harzileininstead the tarred up upstream sourcetree becomes a devuan specific build artefact10:32
KatolaZHarzilein: the fact that is generated automatically from the git commit rather than from the dev makes it more an "artifact"?10:33
Harzileinin the delta'd case it'd not be a _new_ artefact, so less proliferation of repackagings10:34
KatolaZstill miss the concrete point, but I am sure it's my fault :\10:35
IrrwahnNewGnuGuy: Only here for a quick break. What's up?10:38
HarzileinKatolaZ: i'll try to find a better example than util-linux to make my case because i suspect that will have this functionality "deliberately" broken in debian too, but likely for other reasons than in devuan. i'm still wondering if it's deliberate or careless, that's all. bear with me for a minute while i search repos.10:41
Harzilein+for some time10:41
KatolaZHarzilein: have no time for that now, sorry10:41
KatolaZwe might try in 10-12 hours10:42
KatolaZI am at work now :\10:42
HarzileinKatolaZ: i might actually stick my head out and try the mailing list...10:42
HarzileinKatolaZ: wonder what it'll do to my weak spam filtering non-infrastructure10:42
KatolaZwhat are you talking about?10:43
KatolaZthere is no spam on the mailing list10:43
HarzileinKatolaZ: sorry, you are dense. if i post to the mailing list i can expect for my address to be picked up by spambots.10:44
KatolaZno it won't10:44
KatolaZdevuan does not sell addresses to spambots... :D10:44
KatolaZand the addresses are not public10:44
Harzileinokay, you are toying with me now10:44
KatolaZand they are never advertised10:44
KatolaZno really10:44
KatolaZyou are not in any mailing list?10:45
IrrwahnIt's only a single data point, but I never, ever have received any spam that could be traced back to me posting on DNG.10:46
Harzileinas i said, occasionally i stick my head out. with the filtered archives it tends to taper out _eventually_, but yours would be the first one that'd not eventually be found by some far eastern script...10:46
KatolaZHarzilein: the archive are public but there is no email address there10:46
KatolaZthey are all stripped out10:46
HarzileinKatolaZ: there's spambots subscribing to bugzillas to get unfiltered emails... just as a datapoint10:47
KatolaZhave a look by yourself10:47
KatolaZHarzilein: this is not bugzilla :)10:47
Harzilein"subscribing" should give you a clue what i mean10:47
* KatolaZ shrugs10:48
KatolaZthen keep your head under the sand10:48
KatolaZstay warm ;)10:48
fsmithredKatolaZ, I just pushed the latest changes to cpdp theme in suites/ascii12:01
KatolaZfsmithred: cool12:03
KatolaZwe should rebuilt it then12:03
KatolaZand rebuild also refractainstaller, right?12:04
KatolaZand the -gui?12:04
fsmithredI didn't bother to do a testbuild12:04
KatolaZit's in ascii, right?12:04
fsmithredone slight problem I noticed12:04
fsmithredyes, ascii12:04
fsmithredrefractainstaller-base gave me a complaint when I tried d1h testbuild12:04
fsmithredbut works ok with dpkg-buildpackage12:05
fsmithredI can try it again to get the message12:05
fsmithrednot -base, -gui12:07
fsmithredHEAD is now at 3222e0b remove Recommends12:07
fsmithredtestbuild error12:07
KatolaZyou are in a detached branch12:08
fsmithredgbp:error: You are not on branch 'suites/experimental' but on 'suites/ascii'12:08
fsmithredgbp:error: Use --git-ignore-branch to ignore or --git-debian-branch to set the branch name.12:08
KatolaZoh ok12:08
KatolaZit's the gbp.conf12:08
fsmithredthat's refractainstaller-gui12:08
fsmithredok, I'll edit12:09
KatolaZno need, indeed12:09
KatolaZsince it's ignored12:09
KatolaZforget :)12:09
fsmithredbut the testbuild fails12:09
fsmithredminor annoyance12:11
KatolaZI hav eto change that in d1h12:11
fsmithredah, ok12:11
enycAside:  I'm wondering what might be devuans' position on toggling things like bufferbloat-fixes in sysctl... [ipv4.tcp_ecn=1 core.default_qdisc=fq_codel].   The latter may be on in debian already but only if systemd-booted....   I will try to get some of these things into debian and upstream kernel, oddly-enough both ubuntu and systemd being helpful about deploying for wider-exposure.12:33
enycYou get these chicken-and-egg-problems, nobody wants to be first, etc... -- somebody has to 'just do it' and so-on...12:38
KatolaZenyc: I genuinely don't understand what you are talking about12:39
golinux<fsmithred> KatolaZ, I just pushed the latest changes to cpdp theme in suites/ascii18:16
golinuxThanks.  Much appreciated.18:16
fsmithredyw. I didn't try to build it, because last time I tried, I didnt have build privs. Not sure if that's been fixed or not.18:17
golinuxKatolaZ: ^^^18:18
KatolaZfsmithred: which package?18:29
KatolaZclearlooks-phenix-darkpurpy-theme-source <- ?18:29
KatolaZbuilding now18:34
KatolaZfsmithred: why did you change the version number?18:38
KatolaZplease leave it as 7.0.1-1+devuanX.Y18:38
KatolaZe.g., X.Y = 2.118:39
fsmithredoh, ok18:53
fsmithredwill fix that18:53
fsmithredI saw the -1 and thought I had added that.18:55
KatolaZfsmithred: is this a properly-devuan package?19:07
KatolaZmeaning, does is exist in Debian?19:07
KatolaZlet me have a look19:07
fsmithredclearlooks-phenix is in debian19:08
fsmithredthis is modified from that19:08
KatolaZfsmithred: I eventually bumped the version19:30
KatolaZand added an upstream branch19:30
KatolaZfsmithred: built19:33
fsmithredok, thanks.19:37
fsmithredKatolaZ, also, whenever you get a chance, refractainstaller-base and -gui19:53
golinuxKatolaZ: Does this relate to the lsb stuff?
golinuxThanks for getting that done, KatolaZ.19:55
KatolaZgolinux: they don't even mention *what* gave them the message....19:55
KatolaZfsmithred: both built19:56
fsmithredmaybe - someone was talking about a missing file in the past couple days19:56
fsmithredI can apt-get update and install from beowulf without getting any errors20:08

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