libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2018-05-24

golinuxNewGnuGuy and I had a nice visit at the meet today.  Have no idea what happened to everybody else.00:03
XenguyDoes a significant amount of Devuan-dev dialogue happen on the forums?01:15
XenguyOf course I could simply consult said forums, and offer no conversation at all01:15
golinuxXenguy: It is a user forum but serveral devs can be found there off and on.  Are you on the devuan-dev mail list?01:19
XenguyOr perhaps simply consult said forums, and *then* offer conversation01:19
XenguyNo, not yet01:20
XenguySo perhaps the main dev conversation occurs here?01:20
golinuxBugs are sometimes found on the forums and then passed up the chain.01:20
XenguyMakes sense.  Is there a wiki at all?01:21
golinuxThe level is pretty high there much of the time.01:21
XenguyGood to hear01:21
golinuxYes.  friendsofdevuan.org01:21
XenguyCool, thanks, I'll explore a little furthur, as time permits then01:22
golinuxIt's very much in process.  We'll be going to media wiki soon.01:22
XenguyWhat wiki is it now?01:22
golinuxdoku wiki01:22
XenguyHeh, I think I set up one of those for myself some time ago01:23
XenguyWorked fine, tho I didn't test it that much01:23
XenguyAnyhow, thanks, and will save the chatter for that other channel ; -)01:23
Xenguymedia wiki sounds good BTW01:24
golinuxSee you around then.01:25
XenguyFor sure...01:25
XenguyI'm beginning to BELIEVE, aha01:26
XenguyI think Devuan is important actually01:26
XenguyIn the overall framework of things01:26
golinuxIt's like an ark to save unixy Linux01:26
XenguyYeah, good analogy01:27
golinuxof the debian variety01:27
golinuxThere may come a time when we will have to repopulate the eco-system01:27
XenguyOr an insistent attempt to keep Linux with *choices* still intact01:27
golinuxThat too01:28
Xenguy"repopulate the eco-system" ?01:28
golinuxThe whole "one thing . . . " thing01:28
golinuxThe Linux ecosystem.01:28
Xenguyre-populate, I like it...01:29
XenguyAgain, choice is so important, and that wasn't offered in the systemd transition01:29
golinuxIf systemd goes rogue and some want to get away, we'll be there.  :)01:29
golinuxgotta go.  bbl01:30
XenguyExcellent project basically, I'm in : -)01:30
rrqgolinux: I popped in briefly before you, I think, but confused about timing I opted for sleep rather.07:29
golinuxHey rrq:08:10
golinuxI'm about ready for be myself . . .08:10
golinuxNow is my sleepy time.08:21
_moep_oh yeah that would be a great idea ^-^08:23
gnu_srs1KatolaZ: Finally :) I've pushed an updated policykit-1 to ascii-proposed. Tested with xfce4, works fine ;)22:24

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