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brolin_empeyHurrian: ACK.  I will keep what I have because it still suffices.06:22
Hurrianbrolin_empey: are you using at least a Q6600 or a pin-modded LGA771 xeon?06:23
Hurrianalso IIRC only some kinds of 4GB DIMMs work, forgot if it was something to do with the rank on LGA775 platforms06:24
brolin_empeyHurrian: Most of the LGA775 computers we (me personally and my company) have have a Core 2 Duo E8400 but two of them, including my primary computer at home, have a Core 2 Quad Q9450.06:37
brolin_empeyMost of the LGA775 motherboards we have are the Asus P5E-VM DO with Q35, which has a maximum of 8 GiB  (4× 2-GiB DIMMs) of main memory using DDR2.  Q45 adds support for DDR3 and increases the maximum main memory to 16 GiB (4× 4-GiB DIMMs).06:41
Hurrianah yeah, I remember now, upgraded a Q35 and G41 system long ago with 4GB DDR2 2Rx8 DIMMs, was not officially supported but reported to work on forums, so it was worth a try06:46
brolin_empeyHurrian: Only 2× 4-GiB = 8 GiB total?  Or did you have more than 8 GiB total working with Q35?06:57
Hurrian2x4GB on the G41 systems since they only had 2 slots, and 16GB on the Q3506:58
HurrianLiterally had to go to recyclers to find the specific ranking Q35 works with though, most eBay listings don't specify and instead just sell undefined "4GB DDR2 DIMMs"06:59
brolin_empeyHurrian: Will these 4-GiB DIMMs work with Q35 + E8400 or Q9450?
brolin_empeyIt would be awesome if I could upgrade my current computer to 16 GiB of main memory only by replacing the installed DIMMs.07:06
brolin_empeyAlso, what does rank mean in the context of RAM?07:08
HurrianThose should work, yeah, but hooooly cow, that's expensive for 16GB of RAM :o07:09
brolin_empeyI may have known years ago but forgotten.07:09
HurrianAlso, a rank refers to the electrical arrangement of the DRAM chips on the DIMM, dual-rank being roughly equivalent to having two single-rank DIMMs in the same channel of a memory controller07:10
brolin_empeyHurrian: My Dell OptiPlex 960 minitower LGA775 motherboard with Q45 does not function with the low-cost, high-density 4-GiB DDR2 DIMMs I bought on eBay that work in an AM2 motherboard (MSI MS-7250).  16 GiB of DDR2 for an AM2 computer costs around 4.5 times less than 16 GiB of DDR2 for an Intel computer.07:14
brolin_empeyThe MSI MS-7250 is limited to a total of 8 GiB of main memory, though.  It does not function if I install more than 8 GiB total.07:15
Hurrianoh yeah I remember those, "AMD-only" cheap DDR2 RAM07:18
Hurrianiirc, basically you want an "x8" DIMM for older Intel systems, they have lower-capacity but more numerous DRAM chips on the DIMM07:20
Hurriankinda weird why "x4" DIMMs are cheaper than their x8 counterparts though, if you think about it those larger DRAM chips would've been way more expensive than the low density counterparts07:21
brolin_empeyI do not need a faster computer, I only want more than 8 GiB of main memory.  I doubt that I can buy a new motherboard, CPU, and at least 16 GiB of RAM for only approximately 200 CAD including shipping from Asia to Canada.07:24
brolin_empeyI mean that the 16 GiB of DDR2 for 200 CAD includes shipping from Asia to Canada.  If I was buying more than RAM then I probably would not be paying to have it shipped from Asia because I can buy it from Canada or the USA.07:27
brolin_empeyIt often costs less to buy stuff from Asia and have it mailed to Canada than it does to buy locally in Canada.07:29
brolin_empeyHurrian: Does the Q35 motherboard need to be modified in any way, including firmware, to use more than 8 GiB of main memory?  I should search for information about using more than 8 GiB with my model of Q35 motherboard.07:32
Hurriandidn't need to modify the machines I put 4gb ddr2 into, they both had Asus mainboards though07:33
Hurrianunfortunately, since on pre-Nehalem platforms the ram init code was on the chipset, BIOS vendors could freely screw with it using non-JEDEC "improvements"07:34
brolin_empeyConsidering that this listing says that the seller offers a refund upon returning the RAM, I should try it. :-D07:37
brolin_empeyHurrian: Are you certain that you had 16 GiB working with Q35 as opposed to Q45 or some other chipset/memory controller?  With DuckDuckGo I cannot seem to find anything about using 16 GiB with the Asus P5E-VM DO motherboard with Q35.07:57
Hurrianseems like there's data about a Dell Optiplex 755, which uses a Q35 chipset08:02
brolin_empeyHurrian: I get a 404 error from that link?08:07
brolin_empeyHurrian: The post marked as the solution only says someone has a Q35 computer working with 12 GiB total, not with 16 GiB total.08:19
Hurrianmore likely than not should work with 4x4 if it works with 2x4+2x208:20
brolin_empeyHurrian: OK, I will buy the RAM I linked and use it in my OptiPlex 960 with Q45 if it does not work with the P5E-VM DO with Q35.  Do you know which model of Q35 motherboard worked with 16 GiB?08:24
brolin_empeyI mean you said you had an Asus motherboard with Q35 working with 16 GiB.08:25
Hurriancouldnt remember the exact model, but it was an Asus with 4 DIMM slots, yellow soldermask on PCB08:25
brolin_empeyHurrian: microATX or full-size ATX?08:26
brolin_empeyOK.  Did it look like the P5E-VM DO or P5E-VM HDMI?08:29
* brolin_empey ordered the RAM.08:47
Hurrianbrolin_empey: didnt have a HDMI port, so probably the DO09:01
brolin_empeyHurrian: OK.09:06

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