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KotCzarnyhmm, is there a way to make linux automatically move swapped pages from higher priority (ie. zswap) to lower priority (sdcard) depending on their age/last used/etc ?08:52
bencohKotCzarny: could be with latest kernels09:18
KotCzarnybencoh: where to look for?09:18
bencohmainline that is, unless it wasn't merged, but I kind recall reading something about that09:18
KotCzarnyit would be also useful for my old laptop09:18
bencohbswap/zram or stuff like that I'd say09:19
bencoherr, not bswap09:20
bencohyeah I was referring to zswap (different from zram)09:22
KotCzarnywell, what i'm looking at is not backing store though of zswap but swap subsystem moving pages from one swap device to another09:29
KotCzarnyinstead of using lower priority one when higher prio is full09:30
bencohKotCzarny: then I dunno/doubt it, maybe have a look at how they do swap with ssd and whether they implemented that kind of mechanism09:32
bencohalthough in your case I think you'd benefit more from zswap09:32
Wizzupmaybe you can set up swap on bcache09:33
bencohyeah, bcache :)09:34
* KotCzarny googles09:35
bencohbcache probably won't help you either here tbh09:36
bencohwell, it might, but ...09:36
KotCzarnyyeah, it doesnt free the pages09:36
Wizzupactually it probablh will, if you make a large set of small swap files09:36
Wizzupyou said you wanted to swap pages from one device to another09:36
Wizzupbcache will do that based on some LRU I hope09:37
Wizzupalt. maybe dm-cache? not sure if it satisfies your needs09:37
KotCzarnyi'm not seeing bcache into situation with swap in zram09:37
Wizzupsay you have /dev/fast-disk and /dev/fast-slow-disk, you could have bcache use both and them have swap on top of that?09:39
KotCzarny2 swaps: 1 in zram and 1 in mmcblk09:41
KotCzarnyideally pages should be moved out of zram when unused for long09:42
KotCzarnyonto mmcblk one09:42
KotCzarnythat way memleaks would be stored in slow device and more ram available for paging09:43
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: ping17:39
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: do you know what "ccc", "npc" and "hwc" certificates are used for?17:40
freemangordonKotCzarny: ^^^17:43
freemangordonseems you know a bit about that17:43
KotCzarnyi recall that cert question17:43
KotCzarnyhave you checked the channel logs?17:43
freemangordonKotCzarny: but still, I have no idea what are those used for17:45
KotCzarnynah, i'm just quite good with google (sometimes)17:45
KotCzarnyseems you have that problem since at least 201417:46
freemangordonand "ccc" seems to be Common Configuration Certificate17:46
KotCzarnyor even 201317:47
KotCzarnycertificate npc appears to contain GSM IMEI, bluetooth MAC and wlan MAC17:48
freemangordonWizzup: ^^^17:49
KotCzarnyseems jonwil might be most knowledgeable17:49
KotCzarnysee the last link17:49
freemangordonKotCzarny: but what kind if cert is that, containg device specific data?!?17:49
KotCzarnysimilar to gpg signed email?17:50
KotCzarnyto know it is legit17:50
freemangordonhmm, seems I've asked the same question back in 2013 :D17:50
bencohyeah :D17:51
freemangordonok, still, the coversation was useful17:51
bencohmeans you're pretty consistent17:51
KotCzarnyyou should take notes17:52
freemangordonAm I not? :)17:52
KotCzarnyand put on some wiki17:52
freemangordonno, I'll just finish REing libsysinfo17:52
bencohfor some people, REing is just easier that writing documentation ;)17:53
bencoh(I'm not one of them unfortunately)17:53
KotCzarnyyeah, coding > writing docs17:54
KotCzarnyalthough both are important17:54
KotCzarnyhmm, there is something called libcal17:55
KotCzarnyand apparently its open sourced17:57
Wizzuppretty sure that's already packaged and built even on leste17:58
KotCzarnyand interesting bits moved to closed libsysinfo, lol17:58
freemangordonKotCzarny: yes, and this is what I am REing ATM18:06
freemangordonbut I'll stop, as we'll try to live without it18:06
KotCzarnytry asking jonwil18:07
freemangordonKotCzarny: why not join #maemo-leste? not interested in it?18:07
freemangordonsure will do18:07
KotCzarnyi dont have autorejoin set18:07
freemangordonthen set it :p18:07
KotCzarnyso i have to rejoin manually after i reboot my box18:07
KotCzarnysometimes i forgot channel or two18:08
freemangordonit is just that it's better to keep info in one place and also more people to read it18:08
freemangordonto remind me in few years :D18:08
bencohhmm, I never heard of Sidekick 4g before18:24

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