freenode/#maemo/ Saturday, 2018-06-23

brolin_empeyTo answer my own question from a week or so ago, LibreOffice Calc allows to filter the displayed rows so that only rows that contain a certain value in a certain column are displayed.  Combined with adding columns for subscription frequency and whether the payment is automatic or manual, this row filter function helped me to solve my problem of replacing my credit card.01:39
brolin_empeyIncidentally: I have a question about wildcard certificates used for HTTPS.  Maybe jonwil can answer but apparently he is currently not here.  Is it feasible to get a wildcard certificate with a wildcard that matches more than one level of subdomain in the host name?  It seems that a wildcard can match only one level of subdomain in the host name, which I guess is why most Web sites I have seen that use HTTPS use only one level of subdomain.01:44
brolin_empeyIf jonwil joins, please copy and paste my previous message to this channel so he can answer and I can see his answer.01:45
brolin_empeyOr maybe KotCzarny or someone else can answer?01:45
brolin_empeyAs an example if necessary: I can get a certificate for *.example.tld that will work for foo.example.tld and bar.example.tld but if I need to use then the certificate must be reissued to also cover *.bar.example.tld because the wildcard in *.example.tld matches only one level of subdomain of example.tld .01:50
WikiwideFapman is not installed. May I delete /opt/fapman-cache ? It takes up 49.6MB which is... A lot for one package, especially when it's not even installed.07:00
WikiwideAlso, vim's doc takes up 5MB in the same /home partition.07:01
WikiwideI have 4k+ images which is... Not unexpected after years of photographing. Other 8k+ files are surprising, though. I have to wonder, how many of them are music? Videos?07:03
mike727Am I running the latest CSSU?   Conky: "Linux on arm71"10:28
mike727I not sure if CSSU installed properly for me.14:54
mike727When I try to install 'CSSU stable' = Application package not found.14:54
mike727When I try to install 'CSSU testing' = 'community-ssu-enabler-testing' already installed14:54
mike727With 'apt-get install community-ssu-enabler' = ... already the newest version14:54
mike727There is no 'Community SSU' icon14:54
mike727*on my apps menu14:55
mike727I've tried this with 2 phones and can't seem to find anything on tmo14:56
sixwheeledbeast^mike727: what repositories do you have listed and enabled15:04
sixwheeledbeast^I believe that "cssu3" would indicate thumb15:05
sixwheeledbeast^there is not cssu icon in the apps menu. you can check version in settings.15:06 [extras], Community SSU (testing), Community SSU, Maemo extras-devel, Opera Catalog15:06
sixwheeledbeast^latest testing would be 11T15:06
sixwheeledbeast^Settings > Community SSU?15:07
mike727under setting I found ver. 21.2011.38-1Tmaemo1215:08
mike727flavour: testing15:08
sixwheeledbeast^ah 12 is right15:09
sixwheeledbeast^you are on the latest testing flavour15:09
mike727cool thanks, should I be worried about the missing icon?15:09
sixwheeledbeast^I dont believe there is an icon.15:09
sixwheeledbeast^When you install CSSU there is an "enabler" I don't believe that hangs around after installation, been a while.15:11
DocScrutinizer05maybe useful to kernel devs (though prolly no news to them):

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