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paeoniahi folks. quick query - i have an n900 running some flavour of maemo. its currently stuck at an"enter lock code" window, which wont go away. until now, for all the time ive used it, its never had a lock code. is there any way to remove that?01:20
paeoniapretty sure it half opened in my pocket when i was working today so what other damage being poked at in my pocket has done is unknown01:21
paeoniaany help getting it working properly again would be much appreciated01:21
Maxdamantuspaeonia: have you tried entering something like "0000"? iirc there is some default lock code.01:43
MaxdamantusActually, apparently it's "12345"01:50
paeonianone of the default codes work01:51
paeoniai also have no ssh access01:51
paeoniaand it defaults to the lock screen on boot, even when there is no sim in it01:51
paeoniathe phone was originally my partners and he had it for about a year, during which time he secured it, however since then he has forgotten what code he used on it was01:53
paeoniaive been using the phone for about 7 years now and i didnt even know it could be locked like that tbh01:53
Juestopaeonia: it's maemo Fremantle02:04
Juestoapparently there's some kind of bug with lock02:04
paeoniais there a fix of any sort?02:05
Juestoi get the lock prompt in maemo leste when i click save in device lock applet02:05
Juestono idea, sorry02:05
Juestopaeonia: try codes or boot to some form of recovery where you could delete the keylock file as root02:08
paeoniai cant find anything about a recovery mode on the n90002:33
paeoniai have no access to the file system at all02:33
paeoniaand default codes do nothing02:33
paeoniatbh all i really want to do is get the contacts i have off the phone02:34
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, rescueos is
jonwilpaeonia: RescueOS is what you want, it can reset the lock code (among other things). Full instructions are available at that link.02:36
paeoniajust reading through the doc for it now02:36
paeoniajonwil: absolutely fantastic!02:46
paeoniathank you so much, that sorted it02:46
pae_phonejonwil: thanks again, im on here on the phone that minutes ago was little more than a paperweight!02:57
jonwilRescueOS has saved my N900 in the past as well02:57
jonwilIn particular it saved my phone after I somehow accidentally installed a new set of kernel modules but didn't install the matching kernel (which rendered the phone unbootable)02:58
pae_phoneive saved off a copy of the docs and images incase i need it again02:58
pae_phoneit definitely handy02:58
pae_phoneanyways, im going to crash now, i can sleep a little easier without the weight of a broken phone on my mind02:59
pae_phonemuch appreciated, take care03:00
Juestowhat is control+shift+n supposed to do? it's freezing ui on leste03:49
Juestoosso xterm gconf is inverted for toolbar and toolbar_fullscreen04:30
DocScrutinizer05ctrl+sh+N does nothing per default afaik04:30
JuestoDocScrutinizer05: p n and x are the basic default control+shift things04:30
DocScrutinizer05p is printscreen and x is xterm, n I never heard of and does nothing on my plain device04:31
infobotwell, mhd is [Modified Hildon Desktop] included and improved in ~CSSU, also see ~matan, or DO NOT INSTALL MHD when you have CSSU!! the CSSU version is more recent!04:31
Juestoah composite mode04:32
Juestomakes sense04:32
DocScrutinizer05hah, forgot about composite04:33
Juestoleste is using cssu which in turn its mhd as for h-d is concerned04:42
Juestoa light background makes blur have a fps hit, interesting04:44
brolin_empeyI successfully used the “Generic IBM Graphics 9pin” printer driver/model on Windows 10 for x86-64 to print a Windows Printer Test Page on normal paper in my dot-matrix impact computer printer from the 1980s. :-D  I wonder if Windows 1.x supports this printer too?09:51
buZzwaw :D10:11
buZz+1 nerdcredz brolin_empey10:11
jonwilTime to see just how far I can get with compiling the Firefox 24 source code in the Fremantle dev environment.12:32
bencohare you sure you want to do that?12:40
jonwilThat's the whole point of the work I am doing12:41
MaxdamantusPresumably he just means in the SDK, not on the device.12:41
jonwilI said Fremantle dev environment12:41
jonwilI am not stupid enough to try and compile anything (much less Gecko) on an actual N90012:42
bencohdon't worry, I didn't implied you meant to build on device :)12:42
jonwilThe whole point of what I am doing is to update microb-engine to something newer, see
jonwilFF24 is the best choice since its the first version to have TLS 1.2 support (the key feature I want) but its old enough that it predates the "remove all Maemo support from the Mozilla tree" commit12:43
Maxdamantusin terms of UIs, I think conkeror is pretty suitable for N900, runs on versions up to the major release a few months ago.12:47
Maxdamantusbut when I looked into it years ago, I couldn't get it to run smoothly on xulrunner-24 in a debian chroot.12:48
Maxdamantusiirc it ran smoothly on microb-xulrunner, but that was a bit glitchy.12:48
MaxdamantusWell, not so much smoothly, but memory efficiently.12:49
jonwilAnd of course my attempt to build the Firefox 24.8.1 ESR codebase fails right away with a Python syntax error (probably because the ancient 2.5.2-11.1maemo3+0m5 Python version in Scratchbox is too old)12:58
jonwilOk, found a newer version of Python (2.5.4-1maemo6), lets see what that does.13:03
jonwilYeah looks like we need Python 2.7 for this13:10
jonwilLooks like we have most of the dependencies listed on the "linux prerequisites" page dated back to the release of FF 24, its just Python that is out-of-date13:17
DocScrutinizer05why python to build FF?13:20
jonwilParts of the build system are written in Python13:20
jonwilLooks like has Python 2.7 build instructions so we should be good on that.13:21
jonwiland now I see python 2.7 is in extras-devel.13:23
jonwilSo I will see if I can grab that.13:24
jonwilok, that worked.13:32
jonwilGreat, now I need GCC 4.4 :(13:33
KotCzarnyis that a problem? 4.7.2 should be available13:34
KotCzarnyand newer ones, but 4.7.2 is available for sdk too13:35
KotCzarnybeware of 4.6, it's buggy13:35
jonwilWhere do I get 4.7.2 for the SDK and what other bits do I need to get to make that work (and what, if anything, would I need to upgrade on my N900 itself as a result of upgrading the SDK to 4.7.2?)13:37
KotCzarnyand yes, using thumb is probably very good idea for firefox13:38
jonwilI want to make it so the results of my work can be installed on top of an N900 with current CSSU-testing installed with as few things to install as possible13:39
jonwilEspecially I don't want something that requires a new kernel if I can avoid it13:40
KotCzarnyi compile oscp with 4.7.213:40
KotCzarnythough i glue in libstdc statically because i dont want to create any new dependencies13:41
KotCzarnyand yes, oscp works even on stock img afair13:41
jonwilStatic linking probably isn't viable for Firefox.13:45
KotCzarnyonly for libstdc, not for everything13:45
KotCzarnybut again, try building it first, worry later13:45
KotCzarnyyou can probably just drop in that lib into ff tree and start with LD_LIBRARY_PATH13:46
KotCzarnyassuming it uses c++ at all13:46
jonwilFF is pretty much ALL C++ :)13:46
KotCzarnythen yeah, what i've said above applies13:47
jonwilI dont think statically linking libstdc++ is going to work for Firefox since it passes things across binary boundaries and is likely built with the assumption that every binary in the process is talking to the same libstdc++ code13:52
jonwilIn any case once I get something that builds I can worry about finding a non-thumb version of the GCC 4.7 libs at
enycbrolin_empey: i'm not sure original windows even was aware of printers per-se, applications did their own thing to talk to lpt1 and all that =)14:05
jonwilWikipedia says that Windows 1.0 did include printer drivers14:09
enyco dear ;p14:09
jonwilI think its a good idea to document the exact steps I am taking when I setup the build environment for the FF 24 code so that other people can reproduce what I am doing.14:35
jonwilok, now I have hit another snag. Looks like I need cairo 1.10 but I cant find anything newer than 1.8.8 for Fremantle.15:59
Juestojonwil: try debian? i think cairo wasn't modified by nokia?16:01
Juestoyou can literally download any package from any repository :)16:01
bencoh. . .16:02
bencohJuesto: seriously ...16:02
Juestobencoh: What?16:02
jonwilDefinitely something Nokia specific in there, the string HILDON__DONT_USE_THIS_ONE__CAIRO_CONTENT_COLOR16 shows up.16:04
Juestooh okay, then i guess modify a newer cairo and compile :)16:04
Juestoor, does whatever needs cairo 1.10 actually use it's features? perhaps it could be backported to 1.8.816:05
jonwilThe way to go I guess is to do a "blame" on the file and see what commit bumped the Cairo version (and from there figure out why we need 1.10)16:09
enycHrrm... rebuilding firefox // some sort of browser _in_ maemo is one thing...16:15
enycWhat about  updated  devuan armhf chroot image, and making that firefox/minature-browsers appear on the main x-server efficiently .... ???16:16
enycDevuan ascii armhf chroot image, aiui should be do-able ontop of maemo armel or so...?16:16
jonwilOk so its clear the Debian packaging for Cairo was created by Nokia and not by Debian ir anyone else.16:17
jonwilSo the way to solve the problem is to forward-port all the bits to Cairo 1.10 and use that.16:19
jonwilOr possibly just to figure out what those local bits actually DO and then figure out if using in-tree Cairo is safe or not.16:32
siceloi wonder if N900 won't suffocate with RAM on FF24 ...21:13
freemangordonit will :)21:13
* sicelo puts it on record that the backs the FF24 efforts21:13
KotCzarnywouldnt be worse than fennec, i guess21:13
freemangordonbut so will microb do, if you try to open some heavy site21:14
sicelowill be interesting to see. fennec-17 relates to which FF version?21:14
KotCzarnyi would guess to firefox 1721:15
sicelomakes sense, yes21:19
Wizzupin fact, newer firefox probably uses -less ram-21:20
KotCzarnythat changes around firefox 34 i think21:21
KotCzarnyi think there was some big change that replaced whole gtk ui with xul one21:21
KotCzarnynot sure about exact moment when it happend21:21
peetahWizzup: sorry to intrude, but actually, from my experience, since 57, while not unusable,  FF is very very very difficult to use on a laptop with 512Mo21:25
peetahI had to go back to 52 ESR21:26
KotCzarnythat too21:26
KotCzarnywhile their engine got faster, they also started multiprocess, which means mem usage quadrupled on quad core21:27
Wizzupoh, I use only fx 5221:34
Wizzuphaven't tried newer21:35
KotCzarnynot recommended21:35
KotCzarnyunless you are prepared to cutomize your experience with extensions21:35
KotCzarnyif you dont rely on extension, then, yeah, go for it21:38
siceloi use the latest one in debian sid .. have 1GB RAM on X40. not using extensions21:40
KotCzarnywhat is latest in sid?21:40
KotCzarnyi have 1.5gb of ram in my x40, yet ff57 often goes suicidal on mem and starts swapping like hell21:41
* Wizzup has no swap21:41
Wizzupprefer to see something killed21:41
KotCzarnytbh i browse lots of imgur in random mode21:41
KotCzarnyand most likely x/ff caches them too much21:42
sicelojust checked, 60.0.1 works ok for me.21:42
KotCzarnywizzup: i prefer having swap to see when ff goes haywire21:42
KotCzarny60 is a bit old i think21:42
sicelocould be21:43
KotCzarny61b9 is out21:43

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